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Buyer is threatening me


Buyer cancelled order after multiple revisions and threatening to report abuse as i called The buyer “Stupid”…

i really didn’t knew this buyer would cancel this order so i worked my as* off this whole week and at the end he/she cancelled.

i was straight away angry and called the buyer stupid so now the buyer is threatening me that he/ she will report to fiverr customer support after cancelling the order and work was already delivered.

I am very scared Because i don’t wanna get banned as i am gonna be level one in some days!!!

already apologized to the buyer but the buyer isn’t responding now!!

EDIT : The reason i called my buyer stupid because i delivered a .txt (text) file with a Dropbox link in it which had the Files but the Buyer requested a modification stating that i delivered a text file.

EDIT AGAIN : Thank you guys for your kind replies and i am happy to say That they just gave me a warning!! phewwww… and i never reported any thing related to the buyer or the conversation as i knew it was somehow my faut…

Screenshot Attached


dont take this step ever to talk like this to the clients as they hold more than the sellers here
as the abusive language is not allowed here and it is againsts the TOS


Thanks for your Reply :slight_smile:

The buyer was driving me crazy and the buyer was a top level Buyer…
i apologized even after the buyer cancelled but the buyer still threatened me

FYI The buyer requested more than (x7) Revisions and i delivered all the work that was requested still this happens so eventually i lost control and i regret it :frowning:


I don’t know what will happen and I hope you will be fine after this event, but you can take all of these as a great lesson.

Respect your boundaries and know when to say NO and when to ask for more money. Putting yourself in situations where you get frustrated it will be counter-productive. If the revisions are your fault (because you offer unlimited revisions or something) make sure to change that ASAP. Some people will abuse it if you give them the chance.

The “be professional” advice I know it’s not helpful. My advice is to avoid situations that will make you feel angry and protect yourself from abuse. Treat the cause, not the effect.

Good luck :+1:

edit: I see you do offer Unlimited revisions. Any buyer is justified to ask for UNLIMITED REVISIONS any time they want, even after 10 years. Modify it ASAP.


contact customer support.they will help you


Best you can do is to report the entire communication to the CS, they might leave you with a warning.


Since the OP called a buyer “stupid” (no matter the reason) Support is likely to help the buyer, not the Seller.

To the OP - I am not sure it is accurate for you to say the buyer is threatening you. It sounds like the buyer is upset and is telling you they might report you. That is within the buyer’s rights.


EDIT : The reason i called my buyer stupid because i delivered a .txt (text) file with a Dropbox link in it which had the Files but the Buyer requested a modification stating that i delivered a text file.


Understood. The buyer still has the right to report it. From there it is in Fiverr hands.


Sorry but NO! Under no circumstances!

That’s no way to treat people! People MUST be treated respectfully!

Everyone is entitled to be respected and everybody is obliged to be respectful !!!


I agree with you that no one “holds more than sellers” and everyone on Fiverr deserves respect. However, the OP (seller) admitted to calling a buyer a name. IMO that is unacceptable. Even if the buyer is disrespectful, Support should be asked to handle it. There is never a reason to call buyers by derogatory names.


Not only buyers all are respectable s when you show respect to others, you will have respect your own…nothing to worry i think your buyer will not complained against you but don’t do this in future…hope for the best


contact customer support.they will help you


After calling the buyer stupid? Unlikely. OP might get a warning for being unprofessional instead.


i think you should contact with fiver community. they would help you in this situation.


contact the CS,they will help you in this situation ASAP!


You should never cuss at a client, that’s a BIG no especially on Fiverr.
Better email CS and apologize.


You did a mistake brother :slight_smile: Never use a language like that, that may go against you! If they use bad language, you can take a screenshot & report to fiverr support. But never use any bad language for them. Whatever they do be polite & gentle all the time!


Politeness wins 60+ % heart of the clients, the job is less for getting a good review and securing your career on this marketplace.

Please don’t do this again. Fiverr would be upset, if your actions make them lose potential clients


Under no circumstance should you alter that kind of word to your customer