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Buyer is threatening to order from multiple accounts and leave negative feedback

Hey guys,

A buyer ordered me a gig some time ago and I completed and delivered him the image. Then he said it’s “not clean” and requested to cancel without requesting any revisions. I agreed to the mutual cancellation because I couldn’t solve the issue with him.

Then he asked to order one more gig today, but I said I’m not comfortable working with him again. Then he said I was stupid and not accepting his order is the biggest mistake of my life.

Then he threatened to order my gigs over and over again and leave me bad rating from his 10 more fiverr accounts. I reported and blocked his original account but he made an order with another account. And he’s saying “we can keep doing the same thing” and drop my rating to the basement and he’ll make it his mission to see to it that I don’t ever get money on this website ever again.

I didn’t try to cancel the order because I’m sure he will decline the mutual cancellation. I already contacted Customer Support and they haven’t gotten back to me yet. Anyone had this kind of experiences before?


Really sad to hear that. Possibly it’s the worst situation to face for a seller on Fiverr. I wish there could be a way that could stop buyers directly buying a seller’s gigs without his/her permission.
May God keep you save…


Thank you!! The scary part is he has multiple fiverr accounts. So even if I report his all 10 accounts, I’m afraid he’ll just create another account and come back.

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Just take screenshot where he said that he had multiple accounts and would leave bad review from different accounts. Send it to CS. So even if he leaves negative review from various accounts I do hope CS will remove all those negative reviews. You just need to make screenshot from every account that he is using.


Thank you!! I will definitely do that.

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You are welcome… :blush:

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What a psycho! Hope Fiverr finds a way to ban their IP…


Yeah. I guess that’s the only way to stop him. I think it’s against Fiverr policies to create more than one account, right? Fiverr CS actually canceled his order and told me to let them know if the buyer orders again. Once again, outstanding support from the Fiverr Team. I’m really glad.


Oh my, sorry to hear this happened to you. I am glad fiverr was able to help you.

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The Worst issue you are facing
Once a buyer also said this to me, the order value was $40
i refund him he gave me 2 star. i said sir please change it as i refund you.

But i knew when a order has cancelled a buyer cant do anything.

He gave his paypal email and said me to send him $100 then he will remove the review

I sent it to fiverr, they have gave me warning, dont share or use Paypal or email here. :slight_smile:


He surely would have got banned for that. :slight_smile: There are really unprofessional people. Can’t satisfy everyone, I guess. :neutral_face:

Oh man thats awful!
Just contact the support team, im sure they can help

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Already did that, mate. They cancelled his order. :sunglasses:

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Fiverr is not allowed multiple accounts to one person. Complain about this to CS. You can increase your gig price (for 1 week.)
Ex- $5 to 100$ (only for few days)

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But there’s only one negative feedback.( 2 years ago) :confused:

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What does this mean? :slightly_smiling_face:

Increase your price. So he will not risk $40-50 to one negative review.

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I can think of only one way to get rid of this psycho. You can increase your gig price for a couple of days.

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I agree with you. That’s a creative strategy to keep off the psycho


@andrea_kizinger @graphixunlimite @mekajay16 Thank you guys, I will try that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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