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Buyer is trying to cancel order after delivery

Buyer was taking to me for months and he was interested in one of my service , and finally placed an order , he begged me for discount price . He told me his father died and he did not have money , so i gave him discount for all the products.

This gig pro package 895$
An expert advisor (Including source code )

  • account restriction modification (free)
    price was 365+50

Altogether total products and services were 895+365+50
But i gave total price for 650 for all products and services .

The buyer starting asking for delivery right after our order started , i delivered within 2 days from order starting date . also included 2 bonus items as a gesture of good will.

Now buyer is making different excuses , after receiving all products and service , for half the price
( which he begged for ) , Seems he wants to keep the products and get money back as well. This is pure example of a scammer .

The products delivered are forex trading dashboard setup , and day trading system an auto trading robot for mt4 ( with source code).

I spent years putting this trading strategy together , I worked day an night to finish this order . I also made completed video guides for this customer . But now he wants to get everting for free. I am having really bad day , because i realized my hard earned 650$ are about to vanish. Also the products and services are given to the buyer for free, not to mention the work hours i spent on this order !

**My questions are **

Why fiver is unable to protect sellers from this kind of scams ?
Why buyer can cancel the order even after receiving the delivery ?
What are my options here , how can i get paid , after delivering the products and service?

If anyone can help me in this situation , i am open to suggestions. Thank you .

Waiting for your reply


Ugh, things like this really get my back up. I’m sorry for you. I would absolutely refuse to cancel because it really sounds like he’s trying to rip you off. You can also contact CS and see what they suggest.

There’s no problem with offering discounts that you’re comfortable with but “My dad died and I don’t have the money.” A classic sob story and one I never believe, maybe I’m harsh. Good luck!


Thank you

Already refused to cancel the order and contacted CS .
I saw several examples in this forum , in all the scenarios buyer always manages to get away with this.
Why there is no protection system for sellers ?
I am unable to digest this !
There should not have any cancelation option after the delivery of the order.


I know, it happens far too often and needs to change. I can’t say for sure. Maybe the fear of buyers complaining about the platform is greater than the wish to protect the worker bees.

@kingjan88 I have just experienced the same thing here… I have got 5 stars from the buyer after delivering his order, but ended up by him cancelling the order one week later, and now he is no longer contactable… I was curious if the buyer is a scam because he bought one type of item from me using different account all under “Japanese” flag… I asked many things to Fiverr CS, but they answer is so diplomatic. It is just a shame if Fiverr cannot prevent the buyers to do fraud and let the seller bear the lost. I have requested to open a communication between me, Fiverr, and also the buyer to settle this issue and find a win win solution. But Fiverr said they cannot disclose information about the buyer due to privacy matter and keep saying that my service goes against their Community Guidelines (and I am still wondering until now how can they say my service goes against their Community Guidelines)

That’s what i thought ,

Buyer can do what ever he wants ,
Buyer can give bad rating , he/she can cancel the order after receiving the products .
No help from CS in this regards.

It seems sellers are doomed on fiver.

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Can’t agree more on this…

So even I was asking back the CS to think in reverse if I become that buyer, I could become a vicious buyer by ordering something, take the service from the seller, and also later take the money back by cancelling the order. However, the CS didn’t answer my part on that section, but trying to avoid it by saying “I will direct your case to related department”, but nothing changed, they just explain the same thing over and over again…

I am just curious why they cannot disclose or open the communication with buyer. It made me think simply Fiverr did it by themselves maybe(?), with anonymous account because they need money during the pandemic to stay in business…

Is there any possibility to sue them legally?

I don’t believe online market place can disclose their customer’s information . Fiver is within their rights . But they can put fail safe in place in order to prevent these kind of things from happening.
Buyer should not been able to get money back after having the products delivered.
It makes sense if the seller failed to deliver yes,
But i does not make any sense , after delivery buyer can get their money back as well as the product.
The order cancelation option should not be visible after the delivery.
Because seller has fulfilled the order , he/she has a right to get paid for the time and effort. Not the other way around.

Okay that is a valid argument. But in my opinion, Fiverr should try to reach out the buyer first for clarification. If the buyer is not able to be contacted at all, then Fiverr should have had an idea what to do with the transaction.
Were you still able to contact the buyer after the transaction being cancelled?
The algorithm and Fiverr’s system is really sucks


I don’t also understand! I have encountered the same issue not once but twice …One customer rates me and now after two weeks he is back canceling the order is that even possible (he took 2 days to check the work and rated it).guys? I used over 5 nights working on the codes ensuring it’s running as expected but now the buyer takes my work after a week he is back canceling the order which I had rated me and stated as satisfied…Do the work done by the seller on her matters even…!? The worst thing is the buyer is still using my work I just checked in on his website. What should I do!? Is this a game work worth My 5 days just gone and $453 credited on my account…Am not happy as a new seller with my experience.

I feel you, so sorry to hear that… have you tried to speak to the CS?

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Try to talk to CS.
It sometimes happens in the past to me, and CS was able to help me block the buyer, canceling the order but giving me my payment.
You have to explain to them in detail what happens and also showing proof of your work.

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Thank you ,
I have sent screen shots of my work , and explained in detail .
Still waiting from CS to respond .

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That is strange , even order was marked as completed and rated , how buyer was able to cancel it ?

to cancel a “complete” order, buyer can either ask your their bank to do a chargeback and get the money back.
Or contact Fiverr CS directly, telling that the order isn’t complete and the seller is scamming me. And the Fiverr CS have the right to cancel and refund any order within the 90days after completion.

Scammers are increasing day by day. The ability of customers to cancel order after delivering all source and work files is a gateway to scams.
They get their money back and even the service they didn’t pay for.

Fiverr should introduce on site non downloadable files viewing platform for seller service protection, which would allow the downloading and keeping of files only when the buyer has officially expressed their approval and satisfaction of the work they received. Other wise they go their separate ways, buyer with their money and seller with their service still in hand.

What is you’ll opinion about this solution?
Is there a way we can pitch this to fiverr?


Thank you .
In my opinion , fiver should protect the seller by removing the option to cancel the order after the delivery is been made.
The buyer shall ask for revision if anything is missing , or needs more work . But buyer should not be able to get the delivery and take the money as well.


Agree with this, Fiverr should protect the sellers from unwanted cancellation.

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they won’t ever remove the cancel option because of standard worldwide service procedures by which customers can cancel their order when they see it and don’t find it to their liking. Now a days every marketplace is giving this service to attract more customers.


This is a loop hole , and scammers are aware of this blind spot, that’s why they keep hurting the sellers. Even CS says , we are unable to do anything in this regard. Is there any other platform which protects the sellers as well .

But the cancelation option should be there in case seller failed to deliver , or buyer can cancel the order before the delivery .

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