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Buyer is trying to extort me into delivering outside of the scope of the current gig

This is ridiculous I currently have a buyer who’s been opening spam disputes 30+ times in the last 12 hours. My gig was sold as advertised, a fact that custom rep confirmed and now the buyer is trying to extort me by saying that if I give her two gig extras that she didn’t pay for, she would drop the disputes and mark my order as complete. How is this allowed?


All you can do is wait them out and keep saying no.

And that is kinda blackmailing. You can try to send it to CS saying that you client is violating TOS and blackmailing is strictly forbidden


Report them, take screen shots of all their threats and send them to fiverr support, ultimately you have 2 options, either cancelling the service and potentially lowering your completion rate, or waiting it out and having the buyer or the system marked the order complete but expect probably a negative review. You need to calculate the pros and cons. If you have over delivered and this is an expensive job, i would just wait it out and get paid no matter what, if this is not high in price maybe cancelling it is the best way to go… Hope this helps :slight_smile:


They seem not to care TOS violations by buyers. I’ve been selling on this platform for years and accepted many of the nonsense that goes on in this platform but for me, this is where I draw the line. A buyer committed an entire crime and is using multiple accounts to try to scam me out of my other gig and CS didn’t bat an eye.

Thank You for all of the helpful responses guys, I hope guys continue to do well on this platform but for me, I think I’m done selling here :frowning_face:

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Yes I feel for you. I am in a similar situation and CS nicely told me that there hands are tied and to work it out. Lately for some odd reasons I’m getting a flood of these free Fiverr shoppers that expect the world for free or only a few bucks. As for me I think after 3 years of this and it’s time to get out.

I did the math and in 2020 Fiverr is no longer worth it for me. We sellers have to be our own customer support, if anything happens CS standard reply is just deal with it. We have to be our own advertising team, If we don’t get a 5 star rating in 60 days we get downgraded. We take all the loss if scammers want to get a free ride by working the system. On top of everything Fiverr gets 20 percent of our work and tips and gives what in return to sellers?

The protection on Fiverr for sellers is only paper thin and paper good. The number of revisions request is a joke customers know it, seller know it, and scammers know this so they can and will request unlimited revision for free and they are betting for CS to give the “just deal with it” response. With the threat of a 1 star review, no support to sellers at all, and the the likely-hood of not getting paid for your work it’s becoming the typical Fiverr work day and most sellers would pick the get ripped off option! I recommend staying your ground getting paid then getting out of this micro rat race. Hell if you have to be your own customer support, advertise your services, and have take all the risk ( which you as a seller you are already doing if you realize it or not ) you might as well go on your own get your full pay and build your own brand. The only thing you get here is maybe not having to directly pay for a domain name, and hosting. But you pay for it via your 20 percent cut and lost work from scammers.

Like the government Fiverr gets paid either way. If your work is completed they get 20 percent, If you get scammed you get 100 percent of the loss of time and energy. I’m sure the Fiverr Fan Boys will come and defend their beloved platform, but I want people to have a realistic expectations of what you get vs what they give sellers on Fiverr in 2020.

Pretty much every issue you have mentioned just needs you to step up and run your own business instead of expecting Fiverr to do it for you.

  • Tell people “no”.
  • Stand by your convictions.
  • Take an unfair bad review like every business in the world has to sometimes.
  • Forget the level system if it bothers you that much.
  • Deal with your own customers when they are badly behaving.
  • Contact Support if someone violates ToS but don’t expect them to solve your problems. That’s not their job, it’s yours.

I don’t understand why people expect CS to be their own personal staff.

If that was true, nobody would be here. If you think it is that easy to gain orders outside of platforms then I would warn you against it but wish you well in your quest.

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[quote=“storyboss_360, post:6, topic:415699”]
I’m sure the Fiverr Fan Boys will come and defend their beloved platform[/quote]

I’ve had ups and downs with his platform, but the reality is I accepted the terms of this platform the day I joined. Same goes for Uber, Lyft, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Problem buyers happen, and yes, sometimes CS doesn’t do anything to help us, sometimes they do.

I get you’re angry, but the solution is to ADAPT, not give up. For example, I do a pre-delivery before clicking “deliver now,” to ensure the buyer is satisfied and has no chance to give me a bad review. This also gives me the opportunity to refund the order.

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Hello, it’s 4.7 rating before you are demoted one level, not 5.

We also are compensated by getting a full reimbursement of our money when there is a chargeback as long as we delivered the order correctly.

And in return for taking 20% we get 80% and reach millions of potential clients, get our credit card and Paypal processing done, and have use of the website features. It costs $0 to post gigs.

Since it costs nothing to post your gigs what have you lost by doing that? Nothing.

If you deliver the work correctly you will get paid.


To be fair even if you were to run your own business fiverr occasionally does things that go outside. You can’t run your own business when fiverr suddenly decide to make you work on Christmas by extending the 3 periods to 7 days . You also can’t run your own business when they take the money you earned way after the acceptable period 3 or even 14 days when the money has cleared.

You can stand by your convictions and tell the buyer no all you want if the buyer wants his money he’ll get it. If you wanna “run your own business”, you gotta do it yourself. I’m not gonna say it’s easy or there are no upsides to selling on fiverr, but if you want to “run your own business” that’s not what this site is about.

I ran my business here just fine no problems over the holidays. No one made me work on holidays.

I also run my own business very nicely even though there is a waiting period before funds clear. Unless you have a cash only business you will wait for your funds. Almost no businesses are cash only.

Sorry but this is not correct. The secret is to deliver on time correctly.

You have been here longer than I have. You must know that fiverr refunds our funds to us when there is a chargeback as long as we delivered our order correctly.

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I agree with most of what you’re saying, but there’s no perfect solution. What I found to work the best for me is to heavily vet buyers, and only go with a select few that I feel really right about. Of course this only works for low volume, high ticket orders, the overhead is immense.

If you go for high volume, you just need to take the hits, since they’ll be less impactful anyway.

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You can’t speak everyone though. Maybe you weren’t inconvenienced by their short notice change because you wanted to work on the holidays but I know many who were including myself who felt otherwise.

Again if you love fiverr, feel like they’re best company and have never done any wrong ever; good for you and I salute you. Me personally I can’t relate to you personal experience, so I made my own shop a couple days back. Like they say "different strokes for different folks ".

Btw I always delivered on time and I’m currently a level 2 seller. If I ever were to comeback to platform, I’d probably vet buyers and forget about the levels.

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I feel you, honestly if I were to continue selling I’d forget about my level 2 and be very selective with who i sell to (I’d probably end up cancelling 15-27 orders a month) but honestly I already have a base of people who’d be willing to pay for my services.

I’d say if your services are unique enough they can stand on their own without a platform like this. Especially you have a pre-existing base or know who to market to. My gigs were never a the top of the search engines but the were unique enough to compell people to buy after clicking

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True, there are things that are different when using Fiverr, but there are plenty of similar things which are comparable when out on your own.

Of course you can, just plan for the payment terms. I have clients who pay after 30 days of invoicing. It’s not a problem when you plan it.

All of the issues I addressed in my previous comment are related to someone needing to do things for themselves and not rely on the platform for. There are other uncontrollable elements that need to be adapted to but those initial issues mentioned are not Fiverr’s problem. I have complained over the years about a whole slew of things I think Fiverr could do better but it doesn’t mean I can’t control the things that are my responsibility.

I don’t think anyone has said that - most people have some things they would like Fiverr to change. It’s not a black and white “love everything or love nothing” situation. There are far more pros than cons as I see it but if you have a different experience and running your business differently gives you more pros then I salute you. Well, more of an approving nod, I’m not a big saluter to be honest.


Regarding your initial issue - yes, people can be annoying but a firm no to this type of request tends to be enough most of the time. Reiterate it a second time without any kind of softening or getting annoyed if they try again.
Then just copy and paste your response and redeliver each time they request.

Your profile shows almost 100 reviews - having 1% of customers being a real problem is a rate that most businesses would love to have. I can’t see why this one would make you want to quit.

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Sorry to hear that. Did that weird customer behaviour (30 disputes in 12 hours) come completely out of the blue, like was it a direct order and she simply started sending cancellation requests after you delivered, or was there some conversation before she ordered and if so, is there anything you’d say you should have taken as a red flag in retrospect?


It’s the way customer service treated me that made me want to quit. This person tried to extort me and made so many TOS violation and they just seemed to want to enable it further. Even though I sold my gig as advertise. Every time I provided solid proof he just makes up another lie that he has no proof for and CS took his word for it no matter how baseless his claim.

At the end of the day, it’s maybe more of a pride thing but I have too much self-respect for myself. I know my self-worth and what I bring to the table every day. Yeah, it’s one problematic buyer, but if it’s like this, I rather make my own shop.


First time I’ve ever experience something like this on the platform. I delivered the gig and 10 minutes later buyer made a false claim which after I clarified he/she opened a dispute make a completely separate reason. Buyer would open dispute at all hours of the day for nearly a week and sent multiple abusive messages. Each dispute is different from the last and even after clarifying why he/she was incorrect (with proof)would continue to make the same dispute reason.

If there is one Red Flag is that I delivered to her without even look at her profile. She had no reviews but usually, a lot of people who buy from me are new users or first time customers. If I could go back I probably would have canceled her order and all other new or first-time buyer. If I took the approach I probably would lose out on my rating and give genuine first time buyers (who probably signed up just to buy my gigs) a bad first expierience, but atleast i might have better peaceof mind knowing the people who buy from me have bought on the platforrm before

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For nearly a week, wow, oh, well, that sounds like a rare exception then. I was just wondering if there was something before she ordered that could have been a red flag for you/us, but no, I wouldn’t take just being a new buyer as a red flag just because of one extreme case like this.

If you told support exactly what you told us, that she tried to extort you by demanding extra work without paying for it, and they agreed that you delivered what you promised in your gig, I don’t think they’ll cancel the order from their side, so you can probably keep denying the cancellation request until she gets bored or gives in. Of course, that’s really childish from her side and annoying for you, I hope you have the patience to keep playing this game. Such people are enabled by and keep coming as long as sellers give in to such nonsense.

In any case, don’t give up just because one such person comes along. 1 out of 92 (just going by reviews, and you’ve certainly done more orders than you have reviews) is one too many but still not a real reason to give up if you usually get normal people as customers.