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Buyer is trying to scam me by refunding

Before we go further, I am a seller that creates Discord Servers for users, setting them up and preparing for using. Buyer purchased my cheapest Gig and didn’t put any information in the requirements. Then I contacted him through platform called “Discord”. I completed his offer as requested and now he admits it. I am trusted by many recent, or even all of my buyers and got highest ratings. I am trusted. I don’t understand and I don’t want my business to be griefed and ruined by some foolish kid that wants to scam everyone from Fiverr community and sellers. I don’t want to lose my customers, career, rating and algorythm because of this. Please help me, this is my very first time being that rudely scammed by a buyer, that now ignores me and just keeps spamming. I am in shock, I don’t know what to do and I am scared.

This is 100% against the rules – as clearly stated on the Terms of Service. You cannot contact buyers outside of Fiverr. All communication with buyers MUST remain on in the Fiverr messaging system.


I understand of this mistake I made. I was in shock, because the buyer wasn’t responding to me and the delivery time was running out. And I didn’t want to lose my percentage status and so on. I tried to solve the problem with him through fiverr messages. All he says is “refund”. I need your opinion about this. Do I give up and give him the money back?

Do what you think it best for the situation. If you cancel the order, your completion rating will fall, and you will be giving him everything you have done for free – you will not be paid anything from his order. If you choose to stand firm and defend your work, you will eventually get paid, but he can leave a bad review. You are going to have to decide which outcome you like better.

Yeah, that’s a tough decision. I may not defend myself and just let him get that free work without paying anything. I got about 60 reviews in total, 1 star could hurt me very badly. Thanks for your opinion, sir. Have a great day!

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Giving your work free of cost, its painful. That is why fiverr made rules to protect everyone from suffering.
I am looking forward for the days when fiverr will be good enough atomized to extend project delivery date upon no response from buyer.

@arnukas I was almost fooled by this kinda trick a few weeks ago. The service in which the buyer requested for could have been initiated via one of the video call platforms, but I presumed that I got lucky.

My own suggestion is that you should forget about the deal since it is against the rules and regulations of Fiverr platform.

I will be more careful next time. This was probably the worst mistake I ever made. Thanks for advice.

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Refund this order! Yes, you’ll have worked for free and your buyer, who sounds like a scammer, will get what he wanted from the beginning, but…and this is a big but, you broke a fairly important rule which is contacting an user outside Fiverr, so the buyer has leverage enough not only to get it refunded, but also your account banned, or, at the very least, a warning to your account.

Make things easier on you and just refund this order, and hopefully learn from this experience…breaking rules will only make things worse.

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Thanks. I have already accepted the refund process. I am feeling better now because of advices all of you gave me. Thanks :slight_smile: