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Buyer is trying to scam me. what to do?

Hi, hope you all are fine.
Please Help me out on this.
I met a buyer who started an order with me. The order was to solve Electrical Engineering Problems (19 pages of work) according to his roll number. He shared a pdf file on which problems as well roll number was mentioned. He also mentioned the roll number on the requirement section of order.
I solved all the problems and delivered the work one day prior to completion date. But now he puts me on revision demanding the work to be done on another roll number too. As this is not something called as revision. I have to do all work again. What should i do??
Buyer statement is
“I typed the wrong reg number it was supposed to be 9671”
Its not my mistake what to do now.


Contact fiverr customer support. Typically they response within couple of hours. In the mean time try to be as humble as possible with your communication. Do not give any hints that you are communicating with customer support. I did that on multiple occasion.


How to contact to customer support as i am new i don’t have enough knowledge? Do i need to share the screen shot to prove my self not guilty? and after all this, can this buyer leave a negative review on my profile?

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Based on my experience, fiverr don’t do anything when it comes buyer. So, my suggestion would be bite the bullet. As you are new here focus on the rating and feedback not on the money. It will serve in the long run. But if you are here to earn some quick buck, this solution does not apply to you.

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So what i do to save my profile rating being my first priority.
Do i need to deliver the same file again by writing that it does not cover under the scope of revision or i should contact CS to resolve my issues either by cancelling the order without effecting my gig ranking in any way.

Believe me, if you cancel it will feel good for now but 2 months later you will feel sorry. I have done it multiple times. So, I know. Talk with your buyer by being as humble as possible. Tell him what extra work you have to do. If he is good buyer he might just give you extra for the extra work. Or let him know that you are doing extra work by being as humble as possible, so that he becomes grateful.

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I would suggest you first contact the buyer again, stating this:

Hi, my revisions cover anything under my delivered order. Unfortunately, you are requesting a whole new project. I’d be happy to help, but can I please update the order with $20? (add your amount)

If the buyer says yes, you go to the resolution center at the top of your order page, and it will lead you through the steps of extending and updating the order.
If he says no, you say nothing to him but state your case to customer support. The case is clear-cut, so they should side with you.

Leave me a message if I can help you more. The buyer should not exploit you like this!


But can a buyer leave a negative review on this order after all.

Yes I agree. But at the end, if the order is not cancelled it might lead to negative review. Both cancellation and negative review is bad when you are just starting out. For example: i cancelled couple of such orders only when I had completed plenty of orders. So, I would still suggest do the extra work if you are a new buyer. And if you completed plenty of orders and already have good reputation go for customer support or cancellation.

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This sounds like homework. Not saying it is for sure, but ‘19 pages of problems to solve’ sounds like homework to me.