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Buyer is trying to scam me

In the screenshot attached you can see the message which appears after revision is requested and comments are added to the. But the message nor did the delivered file contain any comments to it and no message came stating the number of comments. I’ve stated this to the buyer as soon as I noticed but he didn’t reply for two days even though he was online. I’ve messaged him several times within this period. After the 2 days I delivered the previous file stating he didn’t leave any comments for the revision and as soon as I did this he opened a dispute and wanted to cancel the order the screenshot of which is also attached.
I’ve contacted support about this but don’t know if it would be of much help. My guess is the order will eventually get cancelled and the buyer will get the entire thing for free.


If your initial delivery was exactly what your gig offers / what you discussed and buyer asked, your order wont be cancelled…
Decline cancellation request and ask buyer if he can send you his comments now and try to solve out things mutually first…
You already contacted CS, so share your delivered file and your chat screen shot to them too as an evidence that you created what buyer asked !


I didn’t decline the cancel request yet but told him immediately that I tried to contact him for 2 days and would still be happy to still do the revisions if he just told me what changes need to be made but he still won’t reply. I’ve sent the entire order page to CS but thanks for recommending to also add the delivered file and chat screen shot…I’ll do that now.

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Decline the cancellation too !

Maybe this thread can help you: Buyer is not responding after asking for revisions..!
Or this one: Cancel Order or I will give you a bad review! 😡


Decline the cancel request now! Never leave it open if it’s unjust. You make a manual cancellation more likely.

Also, if you’re keeping it open, the buyer will see this as a sign that their manipulation is working. Don’t show weakness. Don’t back down.



I declined the first cancellation request with the note which can be seen in the screenshot above.

A day later he opened another dispute with a completely different cause which I also declined with the note in the screenshot above.

Another day goes by and he opened another dispute which I declined again asking for proof that he left the comments in the revision.
I’m still waiting for a reply from support now and haven’t heard from the buyer again yet.
After he opened the first dispute I immediately showed him proof with screenshot that I infact clearly didn’t receive any comments for revision but he didn’t reply to that either.


Keep at it. He’s testing you and I bet he’ll give up.

Good for you for rebutting and using the ToS to defend yourself.


thanks for the support…I’ve worked hard on this project and sure don’t want this to get cancelled… :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. I bet!!

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Hi Aabrar007,

How did this end? would like to know as I have had some similar experiences too. They always end in favor of the buyer.

Hi Aliayyaz, unfortunately I had to cancel it as I didn’t get any reply from support even after waiting for 12 days and the buyer was forcing me to cancel it.

ahh, sad to hear that. further strengthens my belief that fiverr support is extremely biased towards buyers.

I haven’t had even one good experience with fiverr support so far.