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Buyer is trying to steal my work????

I am a composer, arranger, mixer engineer, and yadda yadda. Anyways, a buyer decided to buy a piano song from me, and so I composed and recorded it all. After I delivered, the buyer accused me of sending a poor recording. He said everything was outside of the grid and unusable and the tempo was inconsistent. To prove everything was alright, I literally made a lo-fi of my own recording to prove everything was on tempo. so I added drums and stuff.

Long story short, he kept accusing me of sending an unusable recording and asked for another one… OF A DIFFERENT SONG

I made another song and sent it to him… now he’s telling I lack artistic vision and he wants his money back


Please inform the issue to Fiverr support and they will investigate the buyer.

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Please inform Fiverr support :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

you obliged to deliver what stated on your description gig and make one of a different song, is just like handled a one new order, which in this case is not!

explain this to your buyer politely and explain to them of what they can request for revision phase.

does your description say that you will make a song until your buyer say they satisfy? I am sure you don’t.

hope it works out well.

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hello, thank you for giving me these tips.

I stated to the buyer that I give free revisions. I also asked many times what I could do to improve the final work. He just said my project lacks artistc quality and it’s unusable. He also asked for things we did not agreed. He wanted a piano song, but before he decided to cancel the order he asked if I could add strings and other stuff. We didn’t agree on any of this!

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right, tell him that. it is beyond your gig scope and your buyer will need to add new order if they want the services

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Honestly, from my experience, just go into any editing program and slap on some 4-chord strings. It takes 5 minutes tops and stubborn buyers like that will calm down a bit. Try to use some jargon to explain why your file is not low quality, mention the compression rate of the file you use (I’m assuming it’s a lossless audio file of some sort) as well as some of the technical features of the program you use that assure quality.
Good luck, this stuff happens to the best of us.

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He just told me I was being rude and now refuses to talk with me… I tried everything. I had over 80 orders now and all of them went pretty well. This never happed before

Whatever you do, do not cancel the order. It will affect your stats, move you down significantly on the browser page, and its almost impossible to get rid of. Try to ask them nicely if there is anything you can do to fix the “quality” of the file. My guess is that they will complain about the file extension, so if they do change it (I stick to .flac almost all the time)

the thing is: the buyer just wont listen! He told me he knew what he was doing because he worked with drums and daws for a long time. He still is acusing me of being the one wrong.

In his words:
"I do not appreciate your rudeness… You are the one who totally messed up with what was first sent to me. Even the MIDI gave problems to sync, so therefore a lot of time was spent trying to get everything to work together… Instead i was focused on getting everything to work together and then found the work to be not of my liking/not good. Is that a crime?

I then gave you another project, so you could work a piano piece around what i had already done and instead i get something, which i just can’t understand what you are trying to do. I am again NOT happy with the quality of work, which lacks artistic quality and i will definitely not be using.

To be rude to a customer and putting blame on them is NOT cool, therefore i will be opting for a refund"

And before he said that I asked him what he wanted changed

I asked him many times. It’s almost like talking to a child that does not know what they want.

I see what’s going on “Even the MIDI gave problems to sync”. Ask them if they use FL Studio, the MIDI converter has a significant delay in tracks due to MIDI being a bit dated.

damn… you right. The only problem is: I sent him a file that proved everything was on tempo, since there was a drum playing in the backgroud.

Plus, now he’s mad at me.

"Andrea, do you ever stop to listen to yourself?

I would like a refund."

Everytime I sugest something he says that

I see. They’ve dug in their heels, try to give them a few hours to cool off or something. If that doesn’t work, you might need to contact support in this case.

it’s been 3 days already. 3 days and he just complains and does not try to help. Dude, I have to be honest, I just want to sleep and cry

But I can’t, cause I still have work to do and life goes on.

Yeah, for now try to contact support about this customer, I’m sure they will understand what’s going on. I would like to ask, what program are you using?

Reaper, pianoteq and kontakt

you can take and send hm a screenshot of the TOS that you both signed where it says that orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on quality or personal preference and he can rate his experience if he is unsatisfied.

you can’t come to a store and ask them to bake you an avocado bread, bite it, say that you don’t like it, ask them to cook banana bread instead, bite banana bread and then say that he wants a refund because he idn’t like any of those custom breads.
That wouldn’t work anywhere else.


Good idea. I’m happy to know I was not going crazy after all. This metaphor of yours is exactly my situation

If you need further confirmation: Fiverr is not helping me. Client ask for refund after everything was done