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Buyer is trying to steal my work????

it’s been 3 days already. 3 days and he just complains and does not try to help. Dude, I have to be honest, I just want to sleep and cry

But I can’t, cause I still have work to do and life goes on.

Yeah, for now try to contact support about this customer, I’m sure they will understand what’s going on. I would like to ask, what program are you using?

Reaper, pianoteq and kontakt

you can take and send hm a screenshot of the TOS that you both signed where it says that orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on quality or personal preference and he can rate his experience if he is unsatisfied.

you can’t come to a store and ask them to bake you an avocado bread, bite it, say that you don’t like it, ask them to cook banana bread instead, bite banana bread and then say that he wants a refund because he idn’t like any of those custom breads.
That wouldn’t work anywhere else.


Good idea. I’m happy to know I was not going crazy after all. This metaphor of yours is exactly my situation

If you need further confirmation: Fiverr is not helping me. Client ask for refund after everything was done


Big mistake.

You invited exactly what the buyer did to you.


there you go, can you give me a hint where I can find this part of TOS. I know it somewhere but I lost track of it.

I can, just go to the part about cancellations in TOS, that’s where you’ll find it :wink:

Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. You may rate your experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.

You may check that here:
Order Cancellation

As musicians, if something bothers the buyer in what we wrote, we try to provide minor tweaks without extra charges for convenience. Most of these tweaks take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Most of the time, this is not an issue, @andreaszubaran just got what you could call a “special snowflake.”

If I were Andrea (I’m assuming that’s your name) I would mention the TOS guidelines, and contact customer support if the problem does not go away.

Absolutely. But this is Fiverr and you can’t run your business here the way you would in person because you can’t vet them here. You have no way to assess if they are a decent person before you work with them as you would in person or through friends.

And $75 just isn’t enough, plus his describing it as “super fast” and “anything” is going to attract jerks. It looks desperate and “anything” is so subjective that you can’t protect yourself.

I never had a problem because of that. Plus, 90% of my buyers actually pay more when I do revisions. One guy even gave me a 20 dollars tip because of a 5 min revision…

awesome, thank you :smiley:

thanks @niloyshawon. a valuable information from seller to protect them from buyer (what do you call it)

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I hope you haven’t cancelled! This person will get 2 songs for free from you otherwise. Yes you can tell them they legally can’t use the audio if it’s not paid for, but I doubt someone who is trying to scam you cares much about copyright law.

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You already posted this in another topic. There is no need to resurrect old topics in order to copy-paste content you’ve already written elsewhere on the forum:

I didn’t know it would ressurect the old topic. I thought the people that comented on this one would get a notification, so I just wanted to update them about what happened.

You already started your own topic on the issue. There is no need to copy-paste the same content from your topic, and paste it into this one – a topic that has nothing to do with the OP’s original commentary.

I know, that’s why I deleted the comment. Do I delete the topic as well?