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Buyer is unable to accept custom offer!

Thats exactly why the solution of turning it on and off doesn’t sit right with me. How do I professionally explain and ask my client to accept quickly so I can go back to OOO. The earlier system was really good. What is the point of ‘allow new buyers to contact me’ option if we cant send custom offers.
I did get back a reply from CS and it didnt help at all.

Their reply:
“Bear in mind that while being out of the office, we would not recommend sending offers.
However, since you’ve brought this to our attention, it has already been forwarded to our Product Developers.
Hopefully, this could be implemented someday.”

What does the last line even mean? Custom offers while OOO was implemented and functioning till recently, but they changed it.


I guess CS agent who replied to your ticket may not have a good knowledge of fiverr system !
Earlier this was the case with me but now I am able to send custom offers and buyers are able to accept it even though my OOO mode is on…

My OOO mode is still on and I shared custom offer to one of my old buyer yesterday and she could accept it…
So functionality is still there but few accounts may run with bugs !


Will send a follow-up to CS if i encounter the glitch again

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