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Buyer is unresponsive - what do I do?


I submitted a buyer sales request and got the gig. The gig is time consuming and today the work will be completed as I had 7 days to finish the work. The buyer agreed to $20 and only selected my gig once for $5. I have written to the buyer only he’s being unresponsive. What do I do now?


Thank you. Will fiverr hold this against me?


Ok. Thanks. Then, I’ll send him the work and hopefully get paid.


Reply to @gloriahass: Wow, I would send him like, small part of it or something like that, and wait until he pays more. He might ignore you after delivery anyway


what I usually will send them a message saying that I need more info and they need to send me info to get the work done. you can still work outside order even if it is marked completed. If they don’t get back to you then your work will be marked completed within 3 days. Sometimes buyers can really be very annoying and if we do mutual cancellation it will still hurt us at the end of the day. So, for me, buyers should not be irresponsible and money should not be refunded if they fail to send proper info


Actually, I delivered the work and he only paid for one gig and left the other 3 unpaid. Doesn’t respond nothing.


I did contact Customer Service and nothing happened on my end.