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Buyer is using abusive language and threatening me to get me block from this fiverr website


A buyer who always pushed me to do his work and now after providing them with the work threatening me that he will get me blocked with fiverr website and continuously using abusive language. Please help me what to do.


Don’t ever retaliate. Else , you will both be guilty of the same offence. Contact the fiverr team.


i didn’t. i remained polite throughout this whole process. i have prove as well


please send me the link of fiverr team


There’s a report option next to each message that you could use.


Thanks alot i will do that


i am really sorry to hear your bad experience. you can take some screenshots of conversations and write to fiverr CS detail.


There is no pending order on your queue and your last delivery was 25 days before. how you have provided his work?


what are you asking ?