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BUYER ISN'T accepting my delivery

One of my buyers job has been done. But he’s not accepting my delivery. He’s just asking for revisions. But that’s no instructions for revisions. I’ve delivered it at the promised time of my gig. 2 days, but he’s not accepting my delivery. It’s 3 day’s late already. As far as i know. If a order is late then 3 days it got automatically cancelled by system. What should I do now?

move forward to Your Next Project

Are they requesting things that are beyond the scope of your Gig? How many times have you delivered the order making the changes they are asking you to do?

it depends on your order revision ether you offered limited or unlimited revision

I never heard about it.
If you made your first delivery in scheduled time and then the revision is requested, You are not late. So, nothing to worry. Now contact the buyer and ask what revision they exactly want and do it accordingly.


If the initial delivery was on time, the order won’t actually count as late. The buyer has as long as they feel like taking to give you direction, and you can take as long as you want to deliver revisions. The buyer can still request to cancel, but Fiverr staff stated no matter how long after delivery a revision is sent, as long as the initial delivery was on-time it won’t affect stats.

You want to get paid though, and the only way to accomplish that is to make the needed revisions.

Reach out to your client and ask them what revisions they’d like to see.

Send something like,

Hello {username} I appreciate the chance to make this right for you, and would love your feedback on what you’d like to see revised. I know your initial project deadline was xx/xx/xxxx, and we have passed that date. I would love to take care of this promptly, but need your input to start revisions. I look forward to hearing from you.