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Buyer isn't answering me

Hello, I need help. My gig is lyrics creation.

Someone ordered a song and gave me as references three songs of Ariana Grande. I made one and he said it was excellent (it was made really similar to one of the references). Then he asked for a revision, saying he would like to be more like dance-pop, and to have more strength in the lyrics (?). I asked about that and he hasn’t answered. I’ve been writing to him daily so he can’t cancel it and rate me 1-star. I’ve contacted Fiverr support 3 days ago but I don’t have an answer either. What options do I have? Thank you!


You can guess (I wouldn’t) and deliver based on your best interpretation of their request, or you can wait for them to return. They can’t fault you for not having enough information if they didn’t provide it.

I guess you’ll have to wait for your buyer’s response. Give it a few days and if your buyer keeps not responding you, ask for cancellation - maybe that would make your buyer react.
The best for you would be to cancel - this won’t affect you as you have no level. Right now, you can’t risk a bad review as the ones you already have are not enough to compensate the possible negative one.
Thank you.

If he asked for a revision and you done that according to his mentioned requirements, then its better to deliver the order, rather than canceling it, as it will effect your order completion rate.

Why would the seller want to cancel simply because his buyer hasn’t communicated for a few days? Using your logic, sellers should cancel every order in case the buyer leaves poor feedback.

Because they just to want to shortcut solution and solve the problem simply. I usually see here many sellers just give advice which they don’t know. Without any logics they just put anything here. I only answer those question which I Know and I can defend my statement.

No offence. First of all I suggested him to wait and If the buyer keep not responding him then I suggested to cancel it.I see he is a basic user. A cancellation won’t affect him as he as no level at the same time I see no other options but to cancel this order.I think Right now he can’t risk a bad review. That is why I suggested to cancel it.
I’m new here and still learning from you guys. We all are here to help each other. No offence.
Have a nice day!
Thank you.

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That’s great. Best of luck😇

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