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Buyer isnt replying to my order completion message

Alright so theres this person, We got his work done 15 hours ago
He got online 5 hours ago but didnt even reply to Us nor made the order complete Plus didnt even ask for a revision.
Is this normal or should we be worried?


Most likely, he was only online with his cell phone and is waiting to get home.

Don’t worry - it happened to me a lot.

The order will be completed automatically after 3 days. Even without him completing it.


we would still be getting our amount paid right?
Or can he cancel it and we will be left with his project and nothing else?


I’m not sure why people get so obsessed with having the buyer to respond immediately. Yes, they’re online. They may be browsing other gigs, managing their other orders or just playing with their phone.

Your buyer has 3 days to request a revision. If this doesn’t happen in 3 days, your order will autocomplete and you’ll get paid automatically.

I’d suggest reading how fiverr works before starting to sell your services to protect yourself from all the unnecessary stress.


Worried? About what? It’s a good thing if you aren’t required to do further work. It’s normal and good.

Don’t message the buyer once you delivered the work.


Be patients and if the buyer don’t replay bak in 3 days the order will be automatically marked as completed, no need to hurry or worry about it.


Relax, if he doesn’t mark the order as complete- it will be done automatically.

And besides, you need to be patient. The best sellers are always patient.

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Its normal Matter. Please Don’t be worry.
The client will back in his time.

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Your client have option to leave rating within 10 days, even the order mark as completed.
Keep serving best quality work.
Happy Freelancing.

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Thank you :partying_face::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Everyone helpful there.

Yes, feel free to ask if you have any issue.
Thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: