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Buyer isn't respnding

My client give me an order of $20 and ask me to do the work in milestones so he can be satisfied, after giving the 30% work, He didn’t contacted , just a text in which I’m really busy, I’ll contact you later when I asked him to extend the date of delivery as he is really slow in replying. now only 12 hours left and his 70% work is remaining, nor he is giving me the reply nor giving the task, he didn’t even check the task I’ve done before :confused: what should I do now?


Do you need his instructions to complete the job? Can you just finish it according to your gig offer?

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need the files from his side to complete the work.

If the time is getting closer, delivery all what you could do with the information or files you have. And leave a notes telling him the materials you need if he wants revision. He must show up.

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I think the best option will be to complete and deliver the completed project, hopefully he will order the remains gigs if he needs to.

I’m also thinking to do that… Because it’s really frustrating to wait for a person to deliver a work so you can start and fiverr is showing you that the delivery time is near :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

I suggest to deliver the current work to stop the clock. When he gets back and reject it and give you the files, then thr clock will starts again :wink: