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Buyer isn't responding but the clock has started

My apologies if this has been answered before. It’s a first for me. The buyer responded to the instructions only to say they’ll send the script later. That of course has started the clock. After 3 reminders I still don;t have what I need. Any suggestions and will fiverr cancel the order without it affecting my cancellation ratio?

Ha those are the worst buyers. Whenever someone says they will send the script later, expect it very close to the deadline. You can request a mutual cancellation that will probably be ignored by the buyer automatically, although I prefer to deliver a message when the deadline arrives telling them I will provide the service when the script arrives. Technically, that is against TOS, but I have never experienced problems in that circumstance.

Yeah and what’s worse is that now I’m going to have to cancel the order and it will go against my cancellation ratio.