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Buyer isn't responding

Hello there!

I am having issues with an order placed by a customer almost a month ago. I expected the task to be simple and, for the most part, it was. However, when it came to the buyer’s final request he had for me, I was unable to complete the task because he hired someone else to work on the game, which completely broke the game. I requested a 28-day extension so that my customer can contact that person and get him to fix it, but he didn’t reply to him.

After some time, I told the customer that this order is becoming an issue and that we have to do something about it. I suggested that perhaps he could accept the order and that I would complete any future order at or under $10 free of charge. I made it very clear that he did not have to do this and that we could figure out something else. He had been on a few moments earlier, but since the time I sent that message, he hasn’t responded or went online. He was last seen over a week ago.

I am not sure what I should do in this situation. I completed the vast majority of the work, which is worth about $25 out of the $35 order total. I definitely want to be payed this money but I’m not sure if there’s any way to get it. The buyer isn’t responding to my attempts at a resolution and I can’t send a delivery to him since I didn’t complete all of the work. To clarify, he gave me game editing permissions which allowed me to collaboratively develop with him, so he has received the $25’s worth of work. If you have any suggestions for how I could handle this, it would be much appreciated.

That’s a really tricky one… you can’t deliver the order because it’s not complete, but it’s not complete because the buyer messed up… it was about time Fiverr implemented parcial refunds…

I think you only have those 2 options: cancel it and lose $25 (but explain everything to CS and ask them to cancel for you) or wait indefinitely for the buyer to solve things with the 3rd party… Their money is with Fiverr so hopefully they will try to solve things, because they don’t have anything to gain from this. Good luck


I’ll like to begin from the point of beginning an order without an appropriate acceptance of offer. You see, this step can cause an issue such as this, which is to the disadvantage of the seller. Next time, if the work comprises of three distinct phases, agree to spilt the work up into pieces, so that he can approve each phase to pay you.

Now to the real matter…

My number one submission will be to file a complaint on the work. Unfortunately, they might not be able to do much since it wasn’t an approved order. All the same, give it a shot.

Next is to continue to send messages to the client. Who knows? His absence may not be deliberate. Keep your own end of the bargain & and be ready to be flexible