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Buyer isn't reviewing what I sent him?

I have a buyer that ordered a logo design a few days ago and has fallen off the face of the planet. Meanwhile the clock is ticking and I am waiting on feedback to move forward.

Should I simply cancel or click done and continue working after the facts? Any suggestions on how to handle to not hurt ratings or feedback?

The emphasis is on the buyer to get back to you within three days after your delivery.

You have to be strict in your stance that you will not amend anything after that period (once it has automatically been marked as complete). Make sure you put this in your gig description.

Might sound harsh but depending on your work levels, it will soon become impossible for you to amend work way after the cut-off deadline.



As stated, If you have completed the task submit it as complete. If you haven’t had the information from them needed to complete the task then send messages to them until the last day then request for a mutual cancellation. if they don’t respond after 3 days from there it will auto cancel without hurting your ratings.

If you have done the job according to specifications, you can deliver the work one or half day before the deadline.

And leave a message to contact with the feedback.

Sometimes people are off to Pluto for vacation so it takes some time to get back.

He got back to me about 5 hours before it was due and told me he didn’t like what I had offered him so I mutually canceled. Oh wells. You win some, you lose some.

forcedlogic said: so I mutually canceled.
Be thankful he agreed. Better luck next time! :)

What? Why waste your time?

It’s in the Fiverr guidelines that it doesn’t matter if the buyer likes your work or not, they have entered into a contract to purchase based on what you are promoting.

Deliver what your gig suggests you can. Buyer pays… simples!

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artworkking said: It's in the Fiverr guidelines that it doesn't matter if the buyer likes your work or not, they have entered into a contract to purchase based on what you are promoting.

It's in the guidelines, but it can just add to the wasted time to end up going back and forth with the buyer and Customer Support to attempt to sort out issues if the buyer is an idiot or a jerk.

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Only if you stipulate in your gig that you will jump through hoops and bend over backwards whilst juggling sword swallowing gerbils…

It’s not difficult to state in your gigs what you are willing to do for a ‘modification’. Anything other than a small tweek here or there warrants a brand new gig purchase… simples. :slight_smile:

Reply to @artworkking: I state in my gigs “NO REVISIONS”, but that doesn’t mean a seller can’t just click for modifications. :wink:

You’re obviously far more experienced with orders here than I am, and apparently you’re pretty darn lucky too, but there are plenty of opportunities for a seller to end up getting the runaround and wasting time when a cancellation can quickly clear the decks for more fruitful endeavors. :slight_smile:

Reply to @kay2809: I used to love pluto, but now it’s become such a popular tourist spot it’s kinda ruined it for me! I think I’ll stick with Mars until the Mars One Mission.

Reply to @itsyourthing: I think it’s more the principle of it, I imagine it would be very hard and painful to spend your time doing work for someone and not getting paid in the end. I used to offer my services for computer repairs in my local area, on good days it was great! There were certain days though, that I always got complete idiots.

I would clearly state that my absolute minimum was an hour, reason being is it costs money to visit people at their homes and it takes time too.

I even had someone on one occasion call the police on me, I wasn’t being aggressive in any way. I was at her house for 15 minutes to install some memory into her computer, I answered loads of questions whilst there, which is what I do. Everything was going well, I had installed the ram and then she thought this was the great time to say, I’m only paying you 5, because 20 divided by 4 is 5. She called the police because I was refusing to leave the front of the house without the owed money, I would leave the property itself, but not the front. The police turned up, I was in the right because technically I was on public property, the got her to pay me the rest of the money.

The last thing she said though split my side with laughter, “I’ll never be using your services again!”, to which I replied “Good, saves me time telling you to piss off.”.

Needless to say I don’t offer that service any more, it’s too much hassle for what it’s actually worth. What I hated most about it is big companies such as PC World charge 50.00 in order to setup a computer, even with Windows 7/ 8 which takes about 5 minutes. I know someone who had one of these “engineers” turn up to their house, I assume that not all of them are like this, but apparently he kept checking his watch when speaking as if he had somewhere more important to be. He answered question really vaguely/ technically and didn’t make sure communication was clear.

I would go to peoples houses, offering a fraction of the price, do the work, answer questions and leave more than enough gap between appointments just in case I over ran and I would get so much crap.

This Happens To Me A lot :-))

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philtabest said: I think it's more the principle of it, I imagine it would be very hard and painful to spend your time doing work for someone and not getting paid in the end.
It is painful and it is incredibly frustrating. That's why I suggest walking away as soon as it's apparent that the trouble/aggravation/time will outweigh the compensation, but not unprofessionally and not on a whim.

Every business has a certain amount of 'bad debt' - that's why the taxing system (in the U.S. anyway) accounts for it. At least with Fiverr it's unusual to have invested weeks of time and effort to have a client stiff you out of thousands. :)

Personally, I see all of my freelance/contract work the same. I include promotion & communication time in calculating my rates, and quite simply for smaller orders, I see no reason to up my work hours by dealing with unreasonable buyers or Customer Support when I can cut my losses while they're still small investments of my time.