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Buyer issue, third-part order

Hello. This buyer is still drinking my blood, and I do not know what to do.
The story: in March this buyer wrote me and asked about prices for brochure, amount of it. I gave him all information and after some time he came back to place an order. Because if was custom offer, I told him that this brochure will take about 3-4 days as I normally do. I know what I am capable of offering something because of my skills & time that I could give this project.
He agreed on this terms, filled requirements, and order started.
When the problems started. Something we should work with google drive and files there, but this time I couldn’t get permission for the half of the day, because as it turned out he was not the customer, it was third-party order. For some reason, they did not have enough communication, because I’ve been waiting for long to get them.
I did draft / concept according to given text & color palette, provided the concept. Waited for feedback, they wanted something else. I made new concept, they agreed to move on with the project. When the brochure was done, I’ve sent files to check on that for some reason he couldn’t find in order page chat. Then he was frustrated, because there were no any images, that he thought that the REAL customer had sent. Then he has sent the pdf file with 12 pages of pictures. And I do understand everything, but for the amount of the text they provided and now picture, there were no place.
I really tried to put everything smooth and good-looking. We also extended the delivery time, because of this situation.
We agreed on the final delivery, waiting for feedback. After 3 days order was completed automatically. And there were no any feedback given till 19th May when we wanted to me and customer to talk online about revisions. I already said that I do not work out of the Fiverr platform (mistake that has been already made with files earlier). We talked not really great, because he accused of of free money for the job I did. I did a lot of extra for him, too, some of them were out of scope of the original. I just really wanted for him to be finally satisfied. And after month he cames back with this. He did not leave a review, and now even couldn’t. As much as I can’t leave review for this experience.
I talked with Customer Service twice about this (1-2 times also during). They said that I need to talk with him, and if he want revisions, I can charge for additional. But I don’t really want to, because I’ve read a lot of stories, when in this cases a lot of buyer just put a 1 star at this offer for additional services. I am so stressed. He said that he will send updates, a week later still no updates. Then he is telling me that they will have meeting in a few days, then gonna be the updates.
He want to open a claim, because I am a scam that do not do any revisions forgetting what I’ve already made for him. I am respectful of my clients and trying my best to get the result that they will love. And this kind of brochure is not the first in my not so long living account. But this attitude, I don’t really know what to do? I do not have any nerves to talk with him.


Yikes. Honestly, I would have cancelled the moment I found out the person was a reseller. And… I just saw that you offer unlimited revisions. Ouch. No wonder Fiverr can’t help you. First thing first, then. GET RID OF UNLIMITED REVISIONS.


On this Custom order I offered him 20 revisions. That was still a lot for that kind of work.
And at some point I really wanted to cancel an order, money is not in the first place in these situations, bu then I decided to give it chance. Now I really regret about it. ://

Lesson learned, I guess.

Cancelling is still an option, but there’re penalties beyond just loosing what you’ve earned. It also risks the buyer using your work, even without payment and in spite of the cancellation.

There’s also the ding to your profile.

You can attempt to keep working with this person, but there’s also the risk of them wanting to cancel after everything is done anyway. Or, as you’re experiencing, the order just hangs there. Though… you did say it initially auto-completed?

This is a tough position to be in. Not sure if there is a good outcome. Have you read this yet?

But order was automatically completed at 9th of April, now is 26th of May.
Even with fact that I’ve made an order and provided everything, the buyer still can cancel the order after so long time?

Yes and no. They shouldn’t be able to, but if they can convince CS that the order wasn’t complete (and they do still have revisions left), and depending on the CS agent they talk to, yes the order might still be canceled. Also, if the Buyer issues a chargeback. Granted, chargebacks are against the ToS, so if that happens you might be reimbursed.

So, yes and no. It shouldn’t be the case, but it might still happen though no fault of your own.

As for the revisions, in addition to getting rid of unlimited: another tip is to define, per gig, what does and does not count as a revision.


At 03.06. they finally send me wanted revisions for each page. For all 12 pages of brochure it looks something like this. If they won’t do normal readable markings, do I have any rights to decline doing these revisions?

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I cannot even read what the heck they want changed! Scribbles!

If this order has been completed and closed, I would BLOCK this buyer and move on. You mentioned you offered 20 revisions with this custom offer? Have you done 20 revisions? If so, your time together has now ended. File the divorce papers already and move forward!


Not sure about the words, but they want the box moved. (And possibly both words on the same line.)


(And yes, I know I spelled ‘engagement’ wrong. It’s a typo in a quick mock-up.)