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Buyer Issues, I need a solution

Hello everyone, I am facing a serious problem. Need to solve it. I completed a job also the buyer give me 5-star reviews. The project was just 10$. But, now he forces me to buy 25$ zem in a website. If I don’t buy, he will complain against me. Also threatening me, if I don’t do, My Fiverr account will close. he will make a serious complaint against me. When he ordered, he didn’t tell me anything. But, Now he making misbehave and continue making Slang. But, I always tell him he was wrong. But, He doesn’t listen to me. Now, What I need to do? I need a solution. Please help me.


If he’s trying to force you to buy stuff that wasn’t in any offer, cancel the order. You can also report him if he has made any threats.

The order was already completed and I earned 5 star reviews.
But, He continues messaging me in my inbox and treating me to complete his tasks.
what I need to do?
Is any problem will creat in my fiverr profile?

Just report it to Customer Services. He can’t change the 5 star review, so that’s good.

Any sort of threatening behaviour should be reported to CS - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank You very much.
I will try

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For these issues I always suggest the services of Swifty Barrowitz.
Who is Swifty Barrowitz?

Only the most prominent, three star fiverr attorney in all of the tri-cities Tennessee area. He has been rated “best small claims and below attorney” runner- up -five years consecutive and is the proud owner of the “Chicken Wings King” crown at Mrs. Tattley’s home of Gud Wings & more.

Swifty got me out of a Fiverr dispute with the Wichita Mafia… which I can only comment on by saying those guys do not like parody versions of “In the Air Tonight” as performed by a Phil Collins impersonator.

" (as sung in the chorus melody) I can hear them coming and their thunder thighs…oh lord"

My advice is to find Swifty. He’s the best…almost.

If that doesn’t work, customer service is awesome about this sort of thing.

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Just I find a notification.
The order has canceled and refund.
Why the Fiverr doing this?
I am so disappointed on this issues.
What do I do for this?
Its really embrashing.

I don’t know how he could give you a 5 star review and then get fiverr to cancel it.

What did the notification say?

You need to tell customer support he did this.

Send them a screenshot of the conversation to show them and tell them the order number. He can’t threaten you this way and you should report him.

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