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Buyer issues & late delivery issue

I’m having issues with one of my buyer who has been difficult to work with.
His tone when talking to me i feel is condescending or it’s just language barrier making me feel that way.

In 3 days time it’ll be exactly a month since I received his order.
I was to write 5 scripts in 6 days, he gave the first I wrote in a day and it wasn’t good enough so I did it again till he was satisfied.
Next day he sent 2 which I did and 1 was placed for revision,
Our problem started here when he kept making a request that I couldn’t understand.
He kept saying I should write it in a sentence and I found it hard to understand since the script is usually made up of sentences.
He edited it and sent to me to do others like he did and the only changes he made was changing the font and keeping a space after each sentence which I understood to be for easy reading.

I then wrote it this time his way and he was satisfied with it.
2 more scripts left and when I deliver since the 5th day he kept putting it under revision with his request as “more script”

(After he got satisfied with the 2nd I felt he was too bossy and way he talks to me (which could be his normal way of talking )so I old him to cancel the order
And he said no.

I was hoping to get the remaining 2 and be done by the 6th day.
3 days and he hadn’t said anything else and he’s been online at least thrice a day.
I greeted him the next morning with no reply still, 2 days later he said I should make it exactly 1600 words as I’d written 1678 Wich I did.
I delivered again and it took a week before he gave me the next topic and now over 2 and half weeks since his order that was to last for 6 days.
At the time he sent this topic I’d already gotten two orders from other buyers coupled with my normal life there was certainly no time to deliver it same day or next so on the 4th day I delivered and he put it on revision once more “more script” he said and that was supposed to be the last script.
It’s been 6 days since the last delivery and he’s still not said a thing apart from “more script” so today I decided to deliver again hoping to get his attention as the order has been marked 20 days late.

He’s been online twice today and I got to say I get angry as I had told him to cancel the gig while I did the 3rd script to avoid getting to this, but he said he wouldn’t want me to loose after all my efforts.

Any advice as to what I can do as I’ve delivered all and it’s over a week in review and 26 days after order.
I could have talked to C.S but I already had an issue that they’ve not been able to solve for 134 days. The time it takes to get a reply and after saying they’ve fixed it I check and nothing has been fixed.

Second question I have is concerning a gig I have that’s been marked 129 days late.
How does it affect my gig.

As a new seller around July I got an order without requirements and for weeks there was no reply from buyer and I reported to CS and they claimed to have fixed it but I still see it marked as late.

The buyer replied like 13 days later and apologized giving her reasons, we both tried to find how to solve the issue so I told her to contact CS since it was her money and she would get the refund.
I don’t know if she did, but she placed another order hoping to clear the current one running and after I delivered I still saw her old order till today.
For about 6 times I’ve contacted CS after the robot I get another message that still feels like a robot message telling me it’s been resolved that I should check and let them know if it still exists.
I’ve been through this over and over again and I gave up.

I’m sorry for the long post , I just had to say my mind.
Thanks and I’ll be expecting your contributions.


The 100+ days late gig, I’m not sure about. CS is ridiculously overburdened right now, and you say that client has also reached out to CS. It’s annoying to have the order just sitting and screaming ‘LATE’ at you, but I don’t think there’s anything you can do but wait.

On your first listed issue… I don’t know coding script, so I can’t advise. Only that, if your client didn’t provide all the information you needed to complete the order in total, you probably shouldn’t have sent anything. Was it a custom order, or placed through your gig?

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It’s a YouTube script and also a custom order.
The agreement I had was to do 2 scripts first 2 days and the remaining 3 sent the 3rd day and to be finished the remaining number of days but he kept bringing one topic.

As I said yesterday I delivered again and just checking this morning again he’s online and he put it up for revision again with the " more scripts" and no other explanation.

Okay, there’s two main problems here, one made by you, and one made by your buyer.

Problem one: you’re technically delivering an incomplete order. This would have been better to set up as multiple orders or as a milestone order, so that you could get paid for the work you’ve already completed or have the individual stages marked complete. (Milestone orders have their own issues, but that’s a different topic.)

Problem two: the buyer must use the revision button, or the order closes before the work you’ve promised is done. It’s their responsibility to provide the topics, but if (for example) they are putting the topics to a weekly poll from their viewers, then they plain don’t have that information yet, and have no choice but to use a placeholder in the revision request.

This is a sticky situation, and I’m not sure there’s a good way to resolve it. You want to be done with this, the buyer wants what they paid for. How many scripts are still due?

Thanks for the T&C explanation.
I never knew of milestone orders.
And I’m done with all his scripts.

Okay, if you’re done with the order, that’s again another matter entirely. How many revisions did you include in the custom offer?

12 revisions, and he’s used 8

Redeliver the order.

If you want, you can state in the delivery message that he does still have four revisions left if there are still changes needed (within the scope of the order), but that all instructions for changes must be delivered at the time of the revision request.

(Side comment: I glanced at one of your gigs and didn’t find anything in it that defines what a ‘revision’ is for that gig. If it’s in your requirements, that’s fair, but there’s a lot of risk without the boundaries.)

I’ll deliver again.
And I’ll definitely set boundaries for revisions.