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Buyer just cancelled 3 orders after being delivered


hello fiverr community how are you ? i am new to fiverr and i had a client whom i did 2 orders of worth 50$ and when i delivered both orders he was happy with them but today morning he sent me msgs and that i haven’t did the work he wanted but as i told you i have asked him before are you completely satisfied he said yes he is but today he cancelled all the orders and had his funds refunded what can i do now ? is this the rules of fiverr that someone do hard work for living and when he deliveres the work all he got is a empty hand


Feeling sorry for you Brother :frowning:


hmm yes brother everything happens for good so have to go with the flow :slight_smile: <3


No, that’s not what happened. He asked for a refund so he could get his money back, and you agreed. YOU gave him his money back. He can’t get a refund without your acceptance. Don’t blame him for his request – YOU made it happen by saying “yes”.


sir i don’t get what you have just said i haven’t accepted his any refund request his one order was just started but later on after 5 minutes he asked to cancel the order that was in progress so i cancelled that by accepting but what about those others two that were delivered to him with his satisfaction ?


I’m sorry for that,… Please focus about future and you will be doing well, don’t lie there,… i recently did a serious blunder too,… i was convinced to do an order worth $200 without her ordering,… then when completed ,… she went silent ,… can see him online now i’m stranded ,… Can it throw it away , eat it or just send her for free and rub it off my mind,…


respected sir deliver it to her because you don’t need it anymore it will be count as a good deed in after life :slight_smile: or find anyone that needs it


It a private company meeting transcribed a whole 10 hours,… i have 7 days to count and i will deliver for free and forget ,… thats better,…


well sir i am sorry to hear this you also have put a lot of effort i that work it clearly sure and yes deliver and forget that’s better you will get the reward in any other form one day :slight_smile:


Thanks man for your encouragement.


pleasure is all mine sir :slight_smile:


You and I appear to have very different views of the afterlife. Fiverr success has absolutely no influence over my afterlife. Nor are deeds important. But that’s another discussion, for another day. :wink:


Hey man I’m new here too & it’s unfortunate to hear your story, I’m not sure what the product you delivered was, but as a graphic designer I ALWAYS put Proof logos over any previews or work until the buyer says things have met their satisfaction, & the money is in place. Hopefully this helps!


tha’t not good :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


I really did not understand what was happened. :frowning:

You have delivered order and he cancelled a delivered order. Right? It is impossible. He can just ask modification for delivered order.

Lets think about he just canceled a new order which is not delivered yet. Also this is impossible unless you accept cancellation.

Please contact customer support.


yes dude your suggestion helped alot and the thing I’ve delivered was silhouettes


From what I’ve heard, to have a better afterlife, you have to genuinely help people and NEVER feel sorry for helping them. That’s not the case with this gentleman, who is clearly—upset…for not keeping his customer’s money, and feels he just made his biggest mistake in life, ever.

Correct me if I’m wrong.



This is the worst and disappointing situation for every seller at fiverr,but it happens. Try as much as you can to save the order and if can’t…just move on.


You don’t need to have a mutual consent to cancel the order. Buyer can cancel it at anytime if there was a legitimate claim. like being plagiarized. But not satisfying IS NOT A valid reason to cancel the order.
You can read more about this at here

It clearly says in here
"Users supplied or included copyright/trademark infringing materials within the order."

If you think you didn’t do anything wrong, then complain to fiverr support. I am also a buyer in fiverr, so I can confirm fiverr policy. Goodluck.!


Yes, that’s the point. Just deliver your order. If your buyer insist on canceling, write to customer support.