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Buyer just completed the order requirements after more than 3 years

So this just happened. I just got a notification with a new order. Surprisingly, the order was placed 3 years ago but the buyer did not complete the order until today. My prices changed since then but I’ll be more than happy to work on it. By the way, the gig doesn’t even exist anymore.

Sorry about the post, but I was thinking it is funny enough to share with you.



You’ve earned the post of the day :trophy:.
Wow, :three: years ago that’s mind-boggling!

I’d ask the Buyer, why the long wait. :grin:


wow…!! It’s unbelievable. But Congrats for get the order :v::v::v:

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Hi @dukanu,

May I ask a dumb question please? (just in case… I’m new to Fiverr)

How are you supposed to deliver this work if that gig doesn’t even exist anymore? :flushed:

Can you do it through any other one you have right now?


I suppose that’s one way to fight inflation. Order in 2015 but don’t take delivery until 2018. I don’t think I’ll be the only one here suspecting that your buyer is a time traveler. - Or coma victim.


Beautiful meme! Do we have some sort of award?

Ikr! I want to ask him too, but I’ll do it after the order is closed. I don’t want to influence the order at all.


I’m not at my office right now to check the gig, but I did not use that gig for at least 2 years. I deleted a lot of gigs over the years. It may be a suspended gig though.

Haha! Good one, mate!

Amazing that the buyer even remembered the order. Maybe not. Maybe he/she was purging ancient emails and ran across it, determined it would still be useful and proceeded. :older_man::open_mouth::older_woman:

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Nice post! should be in “Fiverr Classics”. Damn… i miss the times when i was in high-school and i did book covers and logos for 5 bucks!

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Haha! It is definitely one of my best stories about Fiverr.

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I’m over 230 active orders, I hope to stay that way or possibly order.


Damn, that’s a lot! I only have 15 incomplete orders.

LOL. The buyer just woke up from his slumber. Since the gig doesn’t exist what are you going to do.

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Thundering typhoons!!!

Posting your gig advertisement on other peoples’ (unrelated) threads is not the right way to grow your business.



Congratulations BTW :joy:

The total amount is almost $ 2,300, it would be good to start. :grinning:

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I’ll work on it and deliver it. I really want to complete the order and offer him a great experience. I may offer some extra just to make the story even better LOL.

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