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Buyer Just Needs An Invoice Not The Order - Help

A buyer just wants me to send him an order so they can get an invoice for it. What should I do in a situation like this? They have already made an order.

Can someone please advise what to do?

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Buyers need to set up their own invoices - click on profile pic (top right) > settings > billing information.

Then, when the order’s completed, they’ll get an invoice by email. Doesn’t work retrospectively.

No, the buyer already has what they need. They just made an order with me so they can get an invoice for it. They don’t need the service I offer, they just need the invoice which is weird.

Yes, I get that. If they set it up properly now, they can get invoics going forward. They can’t change the past.

It’s really their responsibility to set their profiles up properly, not yours.

“Sorry, can’t help” is an appropriate response.


So, just to be clear:

The buyer I’m working with got what they need from somewhere else.

They just made an order with ME to get an invoice for their VAT. I don’t know whether they’ve set up their billing address properly for it though.

Really - their issue has nothing to do with you … and you can’t help them.

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They have already made the order so I’m kinda stuck thinking what to do. Should I just go ahead and cancel or should I deliver what the order includes and leave the rest to them? That’s what’s troubling me.

The buyer is asking for something outside the gig description. Point that out to them. Tell them you’ll deliver in x hours, which will give them time to set up their profile for the future.

Other than that you can’t do anything for them.

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Can you deliver actual work without putting that much effort into it?

I checked into it and the buyer probably wanted to take advantage of the Corona situation and get some costs off his future VAT which I was definitely not comfortable with so I’m just going to go ahead and cancel.

This is going to be my 2nd cancellation in the last two months.

Can you ask CS to do it for you? There’s a good chance it will be better that way.

If there’s enough time to open a ticket, I highly recommend it.

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I just want to get my hands clean from this whole situation as soon as I can. The buyer is using a lot of words like “easy money, no risk, you can trust me” and they’re all raising red flags in my mind.


If you can take the hit, then yes. Sounds like something you need to get rid of ASAP.

Blocking them shortly after that.


Yep, that’s the plan. They’ve gone quiet now after I told them I ain’t doing it. If I don’t hear back from them in half an hour I’ll probably go to support but they will probably take at least a day to get back to me on it.

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If I was you, I’d cancel ASAP The buyer knows what they are doing. They want you deliver nothing so that they can get the invoice and use thiis to claim back tax. Later, they will dispute this order with Fiverr or their bank and get a refund, as it is clear you are not delivering anything.

This way, they get to keep their money, while also claiming cash back from the tax man. THEY get the free cash/easy money. You get NOTHING but a potential account suspension.


I already am but the buyer hasn’t accepted the cancellation request in over 20 minutes. I’ll wait for 10 more minutes and take it to support. I do not like how this is playing out one bit.


The buyer has stopped responding so I’ll have to take this to support after all.


Yikes, the buyer is completely ignoring everything I say. They’ve been online multiple times since this evening. I’ve contacted support but looks like I really did dodge a bullet here.

I just hope support can cancel it soon. I really don’t like the feel of this.

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