Buyer Just Scammed Me! Every New Seller Should Know This


The buyer (Fragglesrock) ordered my 5 USD gig, where I promise to tell how to source products in China and source one example. So I did this.

Later he contacted me offering a job. His company is fragglesrock and he has a shop on Amazon. He asked me to find best selling rpoducts on Amazon and then source them in China. Which was not a part of the gig.

You can see it in the attachment below. He was happy with the gig, but did not mark it as complete… My bad that I did not understand his evil plan from the beginning.

So I agreed to do a trial job for free. He kept asking for more and more. Then I realised it’s a scam. And said I won’t do it for free anymore and it was not even a part of the gig.

Finally he left me in peace. Today he ordered a gig again asking for same thing. I cancelled it and guess what? He left me negative review for a service I did not even offer to him!!!

How can we buyers protect our reputation? Just be smart. From now one, I will talk to buyers about other services only after they mark the gig as complete. Hope this story helps new sellers, who won’t get trapped into scams and promises to earn lots of money.

You can see our conversation in the attachment below.

I know I was stupid. But I just hope that other buyers will be more clever than me in the future!

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Contact the support with the proof.

viikka said: Just be smart. From now one, I will talk to buyers about other services only after they mark the gig as complete.
Just remember that buyers can change their reviews up to something like 14-30 days (it's been quoted as either on the forum) AFTER a gig has been marked as complete. So you can still get trouble from a buyer if they feel like giving you trouble.


This is one of the things I don’t like about this website. You aren’t allowed to post a defense to anything. So you’re at the mercy of customers who keep asking you to do more and more.


Reply to @infinityplusone: And buyers are at the defense of sellers who can’t ‘put up’ & aren’t forced to shut up.

This entire forum would be nothing but arguments between buyers & sellers if naming and shaming was allowed. :slight_smile:

itsyourthing said: This entire forum would be nothing but arguments between buyers & sellers if naming and shaming was allowed.

Mm-hm, one huge, unending, trashy flame war, lol


Reply to @itsyourthing: Can you explain this? I keep hearing this over and over. I have bought things on here. If the seller didn’t produce I would cancel and they would get no money. They cannot comment on someone who cancels because the rating doesn’t allow for it.

Are you able to rate an order that was cancelled?

Now, if the person PM’d me after that I would do this: pause, paints nails, watch GOT On Demand, hang out with my girlfriends

Note where I don’t respond.


Reply to @infinityplusone: Ignoring an action that is against the Fiverr Terms does not make it go away.

I suspect you might be bothered a bit more if you had obligations to superiors or clients and then patiently waited until after an agreed upon deadline to find out that the seller couldn’t/wouldn’t actually provide the work.

And before you say “Fiverr is cheap, so who cares”, if you had paid a few hundred to a seller with excellent ratings and LOADS of good feedback only to realize that the reason they have such super-status is because they just cancel orders when they don’t go well,or when the ‘benefit of the doubt’ forces a buyer cancellation, how enthusiastic would you be about having to find another vendor to spend your Fiverr credit on?


Reply to @itsyourthing: If I had a deadline that effected my position within my firm I wouldn’t come to a place like Fiverr, would you? I would go to my boss and tell him that we need to hire someone and that it will cost X dollars and then go find someone that can provide me with what I need without risking my reputation at the office.

Caveat Emptor

Look, I hear exactly what you’re saying but I also would never buy a $300+ gig off of a medium like this for the exact reason there is no 1) easy means of dialogue–first and foremost–being able to confer your thoughts and requirements with a designer requires a phone call if not in-person communication because designs are so extremely subjective that it is next to impossible to send a few PMs and expect to get your heart’s desire, and 2) there is no actual accountability like there is in the real world where you can drive over to their store and sit out front.

I understand when I purchase on Fiverr that I am getting a bargain, not value just like when I go to Burger King for a hamburger over Five Guys. I don’t look at that little fake patty and think they cheated me.

We are adults, we understand risk, etc.

The person who takes the money and doesn’t deliver is 100% wrong. I know from personal experience, however, that when I was in a car accident I had no way of getting in touch with my clients on here to tell them because I only had the hospital phone, no access to the Internet. In a RL scenario I could call the client from the hospital room or tell someone to call all my clients–which is exactly what people deserve, not a message through a third party system.

I took a risk with my reputation using Fiverr and when the software failed me, my ratings on here took a dive that I spent months working back up. I am not going to complain about Fiverr because I don’t expect them to handle my business the way my boss or coworkers would have done for me in an office situation.

All of us, from seller to buyer, take risks and need to accept that and manage our expectations accordingly.


Reply to @infinityplusone: I don’t buy anything from Fiverr. I’m just not that much of a gambler. There are plenty of good vendors here, but way too many variables.

I wouldn’t trust anything that I’m accountable to someone else to, to the Fiverr platform, but “caveat emptor” doesn’t void a seller’s responsibility to act in accordance with Terms they agreed to (whether they read them or not). However, I do understand that the ‘authority’ in this case encourages a money-making-free-for-all, so best practices and business ethics are pretty much a moot point here.

I really do get your angle. It just seems that you keep presenting the argument that since you think things are cheap here, there’s no obligation to provide anything resembling quality, or even necessarily what’s being advertised. ‘It’s only $5, it should be disposable or not what it says it is. People should expect crap here.’