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Buyer just teasing me ask for useless revisions

Hello everyone
I need your help because buyer give me order by herself. First she asked for a revisions and i did everything until she satisfy.Finally she satisfy and ask for revisions again without any instruction that what she want to change.When i asked from her that what she want she replied without anything and said refund me again.I modified her work so many time and now said refund me.Kindly please tell me what should i do?
I need your help please give me suggestion

Refund the order. Right now your choice is between a 90% completion rate or a 4.8 rating. If your completion rate is 99%, a refund might bring it to 98%, but if your rating is 4.8 and you get a bad review, it might drop to 4.7%.

Or you can ask customer service.


If the buyer keep asking for a revision without providing specifications, is the one at fault.
Revisions are not meant to be asked this way.

You better contact CS providing extensive details about the order in question.
All your Gigs include unlimited revisions and, as you can see, this makes you a target for exploiters.


yes you are right i mentioned unlimited revisions in every Gig.I am alright with revisions but the buyer requested for a revision without saying anything and completely silent.So that is completely disappoint me

I don’t really think so.

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Ok should i contact to customer support

I think that you should. Send your communication taking care of grammar and details.
The duty of defending your job is a job in itself.
Then, consider to limit the revisions to a definite number.

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ok do you mean that i would clear that my revisions is limited right?

Currently, your number of revisions is not limited.
Your Gigs grant an unlimited number of revisions, up to satisfaction.
The point is that any revision need clear directions.
Without directions you can’t possibly revise anything.
My suggestion about the number of revisions is referred to the future.


Ok thank you so much for your precious time and valuable suggestion


Best of luck. Keep us posted, it may be useful for the community.

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yes sure why not i will…thanks

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