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Buyer keep place order without reading description

This was new to me, my buyer keep place order $5 without reading my description in gig unless i note very carefully in gig that must inbox me frist b4 place order . Do buyer don’t read everything b4 place order?

Anyone like me?

Alot of buyers don’t even bother reading, but I don’t worry about that, if I can’t do it I just offer mutual cacellation it does not affect my account, don’t be afreaid of offering mutual cancellation at all, I cancelled alooooot of orders using it and I keep getting daily sales and alot of views.
Good luck :slight_smile:

@dusuacangmon: happens many time , simply try to contact them , ask for requirements,
if requirement mets according to your work then carry forward,
if amount is less simply offer extras from order page.

if nothing is good ( then don’t hesitate to request a cancellation )

I had a customer who was asking about a particular gig I offered. After finding out what exactly he wanted, I asked him if he had read the gig description, which he hadn’t. I proceeded to tell him that I don’t do what was being asked. He then asked why hadn’t I mentioned it to start with and waste his time. I responded that I did mention it - in the gig description. Haven’t heard from him since.

Reply to @jenniferdetar: i think he just want you to do 50$ job with 5$

I’ve had situations where clients haven’t provided necessary information to complete the order. I’m not going to sit around and let the clock count down while I can’t complete the order. When this happens I send a request for mutual cancellation to stop the clock and include in the note I send a request for the client to provide the information I need to get started or, if they changed their mind, I encourage them to accept the request and find another seller.

Reply to @irfanisrael: yes, i talk with them in deliver chat menu that your order need to be at this budget and they reallize it expensive more than 5$ then say want refund :D. I think they apsolutely don’t read any description

Reply to @onlinedzshop: oh, good to know that mutual cancel don’t affect account.

but when it affect?, when you got late delivery?

Reply to @jamesbulls: yes, i would follow your way, thank you for tips

Reply to @dusuacangmon:Yes, when you do not deliver and the order is cancelled it affects you and you even get negative rating, also when the order is cancelled by customer support when you don’t get a mutual cancellation with buyer