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Buyer keep the order in revision

I’m worried about an order.

I had 10 days to deliver 3 documents. I did it well in advance, the third document was delivered two days before the delivery date.

The seller placed the order under revision and said he would review the documents to see if they were correct (even though I had given them enough time in advance to review them). It has been 15 days and the order continues in revision, and the buyer does not answer any of my messages.

I’ve been scammed?

contact CS and explain them


You need to contact Support and let them know. The buyer should only request a revision when they know what changes they want to be made to the work and let you know what the changes are, not because they themselves are reviewing the work to see if it’s correct. I hope this works out for you. All the best!

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Thank you, I will contact CS and let them know

Thank you acelawla
I was not aware of that. Thank you for letting me know.
I will write CS to inform them of my case.
Thank you very much for answering me, the information was very useful