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Buyer keeps dm me to ask me order another service

Is it normal that a seller keeps asking me to purchase another order from him?
I ordered a spell from a spell caster and he just keeps asking me to order a ‘healing session’ in order to escalate the effects of the spell.
Idk what does the seller mean…
Is it like a really common thing in fiverr?
I’m afraid to decline cuz he is a spell caster.( i k that sounds crazy but…


If any seller is spamming you can report it.


block him, simple…


Then blocking him will work best.


May be he would be crazy . you can kick him

The original post seems inside-out opposite to the thread title! Thread title says the BUYER keeps poking at the SELLER, trying to order another service! But the first post in the thread is about the SELLER trying to get the BUYER to purchase another item!

I’m posting here because I’m in the situation described by the thread title, except that I’m the buyer and I’M THE ONE who keeps sending dm’s to the seller trying to get some tweaks and modifications to what was done so far. And mostly I am not getting any replies.

The seller did the work very quickly and very cheaply, and I would be happy paying for the modifications. We both rated each other highly. So it is surprising to me that the seller has basically ignored all my messages (with one exception, a brief reply to part of one message).

Maybe I am being too impatient. The original work was completed eight days ago. I have sent seven follow-up messages since then. I have seen the indicator saying that the seller was currently online during those days.

How long do you think I should wait before deciding that the seller doesn’t want to work on this project any further?

Yes I noticed the discrepancy

To your situation: have you simply asked to have more work done on the same project, suggesting to the seller that you probably want it free? Or have you proposed starting a New job for a fair budget?

Is it at all possible that the seller is ignoring you because you expected more work than you paid for?

If the seller is not interested, then why not look for another who may be? Of course being sure that your offer is attractive to the seller. I know as a Mix Engineer that a mix that will take 10 hours for $15 is not attractive.


I was pretty explicit about wanting to PAY him to do the edits. It’s audio transcription not mixing. The seller does great work. I tipped on the original job (20%), too. I really don’t get it, unless it’s something like he overbooked or his cat got sick or whatever. I’m going to give it a bit more time, but yeah, eventually I’m going to have to consider dealing with another seller or something, I guess.

Okay, he wrote back and apologized for being busy and will look at files and let me know. So all is good for now :slight_smile:

In Fiverr…, Seller can’t force buyer to order.
You can report and block this seller in future…

This is a very complicated if you trust in magic.
If you afraid this “witch” mad at send you a curse…, (my opinion., so you can be a peace…,)
Just politely decline, send 1 more message that you can’t spare any fund right now,
and then just block him/her