Buyer keeps insisting Facebook


Hello everyone! I love Fiverr and have just been promoted to level 2 seller so I am very satisfied!! I usually have great buyers and ongoing buyers as well which is nice. So far I haven’t had any problems. Today a buyer is messaging me in my inbox about a possible “sale” (which I think is false) and that I NEED to contact him on Facebook. I of course replied that I do not talk with clients outside of Fiverr and all details about a gig order can be discussed on Fiverr. Well he KEEPS insisting and it’s becoming very irritating and creepy!! What do I do? :frowning:


o i never give my facebook! or any contact info. and yes i know that it is against the TOS. thanks for your help! i reported him!


You should read this topic and take note of all tips I’ve posted there regarding how to keep yourself safe from any hacking attempts: (because what you’re describing is clearly a scamming attempt that could lead to a hacking attempt).

If that user has never bought any of your services (thus being improper to call him a buyer), I recommend reporting him by clicking the little “report” text at the bottom right of any of his/her message, and he/she won’t be able to message you again :slight_smile:


At first, tell them that you are sorry but unfortunately you cannot contact them outside of fiverr, (or depending on situation) you cannot do that service for them and wish them the best of luck.

Also, what you are describing, I also agree, is some sort of scam situation. So don’t talk to them anymore.

Good that you reported them :slight_smile:


Happened to me too :slight_smile: He left his facebook profile in a text file but I didn’t bothered to contact him . Anyway … the same user that sent that to me,also send it to some friends and it seems like he/she was trying to hack your email account. Someone told me that after they talked on facebook, the guy tried to reset his email password