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Buyer keeps placing orders & immediately asking to cancel, then does not accept the cancellation, just ignores it


So I wait almost two days, withdraw the request to cancel and open another one. This latest has gone on for a week.

To top it off, when I withdraw the cancellation request, it then changes to say

Misscrystal withdrawn this order.

It should say:

Misscrystal withdrew this order


Someone’s out there to get you Ms. Crystal. Maybe it is one of your competitors.
You need a generous application of protection spells.


I don’t think so.

Just the normal dealing with people.


If they’re messaging you to cancel, yet they’re not accepting your cancellation, just let Customer Service know what’s going on and they’ll cancel it from their end.


I get in touch with CS for this special category of buyer. They’re typically very supportive. They will usually email the buyer and tell them etc etc etc, and if they’re still on their expedition to outer space, they’ll cancel the order for you (they say it won’t affect your account).

Don’t forget a special round of hellfire to go with it! I’m sure that will elicit a response of some kind :imp: