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Buyer keeps placing orders

I just received orders from a buyer who just does not stop sending me orders. First, they sent me one order. After half an hour they sent me another order. And now they are making the third order. And who knows, probably more are coming, but I have limited my orders in queue to four. I am supposed to sing eight full songs in four days, I need a lot of time for this, create a melody, sing it and then edit it as well. And all of the lyrics are related to sexual twisted things, sorry. I am not comfortable with this.

What should I do? Should I do mutual cancellation or should I try to reason with the buyer?
Thanks very much, I would highly appreciate some advice :slight_smile:


Dont cancel order knock him talk with it . and fixed a delivery date and talk about further order


if you cancel order. After your GIG ranking will be down. so Don.t cancel order knock him talk with it . and fixed a delivery date and talk about further order.That is excellent solution . Thanks :slight_smile:


If the lyrics are of a sexual nature and you don’t want to do that, perhaps send the lyrics to customer service and ask them to cancel the order without your cancellation rate being affected. If you want them to stop ordering right now because of time - you can either extend the delivery time on your gig (which it sounds like you may need to do if it takes a lot of time for you to do the work) or pause the gig while you catch up - which will also stop them from ordering more.


Thank you all, I highly appreciate your help!

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This is great advice. I hope Customer Support can help you with this. Nobody should have to do something like this if they don’t want to!


Unless you stated in your gig description that you won’t record explicit songs I don’t think there’s ground for cancellation based on that. I do agree that a heads up would’ve been nice though. I’ve had clients with adult websites and they always asked beforehand if I was comfortable working on them.

Canceling all orders will take a big hit on your order completion rate, but since you can’t be demoted that would be the best time to do so.

I’ve only ever had to cancel 2 orders and that left me at 94% order completion rate, would I’ve canceled another order and I’d have been demoted

This is why I created a spreadsheet to help me put in perspective how much a cancelation will affect me, so it may be of use for you now: Automatic Order Completion Rate

So regardless of what you decide, I’d take this as a learning opportunity and edit your gig description to include what you won’t do and maybe adjust your delivering time to minimize this in the future.


Even if mentioned in the gig description, adult services could be considered a violation of fiverr’s TOS:

Non-Permitted Usage
Adult Services & Pornography - Fiverr does not allow any exchange of adult oriented or pornographic materials and services.

So I would take from that, the onus is not on the seller to say they won’t do it, as doing it could be breaking the rules of fiverr anyway - depending on the nature of the lyrics.


I thought about that, but I think it could be a grey area. While the lyrics may be sexual, the service in itself (singing/recording) is not.

So when I work on adult websites I’m still only doing web development, so while I understand someone not being comfortable with it I’m not sure if I’d consider it as an adult service.

I am not sure if this has changed since the last time someone asked Support about it, but the most recent thing I’ve seen about this topic pretty much put it in a grey area that leaned toward seller’s preference. The issue that I saw a ticket on was about a buyer requesting erotic poetry and the seller was fine with it, but wanted to know if they would get in trouble. Another seller who specifically sold erotica chimed in and said her gigs were still up.

I’ll try to find one of the tickets that came out of it, but for now, it essentially said that Fiverr had no trouble with written adult-content. The issue was with images, videos, illustrations, etc. if it is still that way, I would guess that singing lyrics that were sexual or erotic would not be a problem for buyer or seller. That might put the onus on the seller for both clear gig descriptions and cancelation requests. If anyone finds out different, I would be curious to see a Support response.

I don’t think it would be a problem if the seller was happy to do it, but if the OP doesn’t want to sing “twisted sexual lyrics” and it makes them uncomfortable, I think it would be pretty poor form of fiverr to penalise the seller for cancelling, when the fiverr TOS says adult content is non-permitted use. Fingers crossed support are on the sellers side with this one!

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I personally agree with you. I’m just doubtful that they will cancel without penalty. I think we need a better solution for any cancelation that has a fair reason. I do think they interpret adult-content as imagery, but my guess is that if a buyer ordered a logo with a naked pinup girl (for example) Fiverr would still penalize the selelr for canceling and that’s rough.

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Talk to your buyer and extend your delivery time. Order cancellation badly effect on your gig.

Okay, it is not that twisted and there are not curse words, I don’t want to make it sound like a big deal, but still there are many places in the songs that are rather inappropriate and problematic for me. All the songs are of the same character. The buyer also demands instant delivery. I do not know where my content and where my voice will be posted if I decide to record this and if my name will be mentioned if this content gets somewhere. I am contacting customer support now and I will be waiting for an answer. I will let you know what happens in case there are other sellers dealing with a similar situation.

Yes, you are right, I should have also mentioned in my gig description that I don’t work on such materials. I will edit my gig for that reason.

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hello @trayanapetkova
talk with the buyer, it will be better for you Don’t cancel order, try to solve this in any way but keep eyes at your gig. Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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We had a mutual cancellation yesterday. But thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s best for you not to cancel the orders, talk with the client and plan on delivery dates that is suitable for you. I’m sure he will understand.

There is no point in replying to posts months later.

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Apologies, I looked at the date after I’ve submitted the reply. I’m new here.

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Thank you it is very helpful post