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Buyer keeps requesting revisions

One of the Buyers who commissioned me keeps requesting revisions even though i have delivered everything he asked for already. He keeps adding more details he would like to have me change, which he didn’t even mention when he first ordered from me. I have already put a lot of work into the order and would really like to finally get paid but he keeps coming up with new alterations, even ones that would normally increase the price of his order immensely. I have created a custom offer therefore i can’t take more money for more revisions.
How can i finally get paid for my work when he refuses to accept the order, even though the work i have delivered is worth much more than the price of the set order?


You reject it and let he or she know that you don’t work for free - and if they would like to purchase an additional service, you’re up for discussion.

Other than that - you can also add that you will be contacting customer service about it - if they keep rejecting your work, if you’re sure you have done what your gig says you will.


Hi - welcome to the forum.

I see you offer only one revision - it’s up to you whether to offer more for a fee.

“Requesting to gain more services from Sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.”

“Revisions to deliveries can be performed by Sellers based on the Seller’s Gig and customer care. Sellers may determine the amount of revisions offered to Buyers, including no revisions.”

The above are from the Fiverr terms of service.

Politely explain that the buyer has used up their revisions and that all further revisions will incur a fee.


You don’t have to do additional work disguised under revisions. Revisions should be requested only if there had been mistakes in your work. Just try to politely explain this point to the client.


I explain to the buyer that what they are requesting is put of scope. If they fight you on that you can also say asking for free work out of scope is against the ToS.

Then I give them a choice: either accept it as is or accept a resolution to pay your additional rate for what they want. I find that gets the point across. If it doesn’t, reflect on why the buyer may think he can manipulate you. Maybe you’re under charging?

In any case I’m sorry the buyer is acting this way. It’s stressful, I know. Make sure buyers understand and accept your scope before you even start the job.


This just happened to me. $142 custom order. Buyer asked for copy, provided enough information. Twenty messages back and forth because it was a complex business. Even sent a sample paragraph, did research, then wrote the copy. Sent to buyer and said let me know if any changes needed, otherwise complete order.

Buyer comes back says completely wrong. Now, this is my 100th order with a 100% 5* rating, so I’m guessing I’m a pretty good writer, but still sometimes buyers won’t be happy. That’s ok.

The problem was he said he was unhappy and wanted a refund. Now I told him I had already done the work so couldn’t offer refund but could offer a revision. He didn’t want a revision. He open a dispute 4 times, which I declined 4 times. He finally said he would take the revision and sent more instructions.

I took the instructions and practically rewrote his entire copy. I sent it and thanked him for the job. Three hours later he sends new instructions again. This time I said I’m afraid I’ve already supplied your revision. This job is now complete.

He sent so many disputes and messages, I felt pretty stressed out and reached out several times to support who told me the job would complete in 26 hours.

So I just waited for it to finish. It finished early this afternoon thank goodness, I thought. I also then blocked the buyer for fear he would keep messaging me and causing stress.

Then tonight I see that Fiverr has cancelled this completed order! In other words given this awful buyer his money back without first contacting me.

Since then fiverr support has contacted me to say they will see if fiverr will compensate me.

What??? But doesn’t this just allow this sort of buyer to continue this kind on behavior? He walks away with finished copy and pays nothing.

This does nothing to protect the seller. There must be a better way.

Feeling really taken advantage of :pensive:


That’s an awful thing to have happened, @posturedoctor.

However, because there’s been a chargeback, copyright hasn’t transferred to the buyer. Keep an eye out for the buyer using your work and file a dcms complaint when it turns up.

Cyaxrex goes further - he wraps it up as an ebook and sells it on Amazon …

OP - stuff like this happens and it’s scummy. Bear in mind that you own your work until its paid for … and make sure the buyer understands that.


Fiverr will compensate you. A buyer filed for a chargeback on 2 huge orders too, but Fiverr covered it for me. Don’t worry, Fiverr can easily get that money by claiming it through their bank.


There should be the “Add More Extras” option at the bottom of the order page, so you should be able to charge your buyer for additional work (if he accepts the custom extra you send).

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What if they stop asking for an extra revision and just go ahead and leave a horrible 1 star review when you mention that it is out of scope? Any way to contest it with the support team?

I have had a bad 1 star review deleted by the support team, but that client was asking for something that I don’t even offer.

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Same type of condition i have faced two days ago, and i delivered 5 to 6 times and buyer also give me revisions again and again, and now still waiting ? what will happen after my last delivered yesterday.,.,.,.,.,.
so now i decide when we all raise the custom offer ,it’s require to make only 1 revision (i was not select any no. of revision at that time, therefore it is consider as unlimited).,.,.,.,.,

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Thank you all for your support.

I guess it’s a tough call. Keep checking up on this guy to see if he uses my copy, which means I stay connected to him and continue to experience the stress of it or let it go.

My bigger concern is why Fiverr allows this behavior. Doesn’t refunding such a transaction encourage this type of seller to continue. Why not kick them off the site. Is their bottom line more important than the integrity of the platform?


What’s a DCM? I’m not familiar with the lingo.

It feels awful doesn’t it. I’m so sorry. It makes you feel so vulnerable as a seller. I hope that the Fiverr policing of buyer/seller communication improves.

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Thank you so much sir

Yes you can contest it. The best way is really to always be a stellar communicator and remain polite, no matter what you are given from buyer. Sad, that as sellers we are put on the defensive, but I guess that is the trade off working on a platform vs on our own :pensive:

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DMCA, actually.

The way you describe it, it’s not that Fiverr refunded the buyer, the buyer did a chargeback. And Fiverr does ban buyers who do that.

Sorry - typo. Thanks for putting that right, @catwriter

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Thanks for the link!

What I meant was fiverr canceled a completed order. That is what is so crazy to me. About 6 hours after buyer paid and order completed (my guess is buyer sent a rant), they cancelled, which means buyer got all his money returned and all my finished work and 8 hours of my time. The buyer is still on the Fiverr platform :pensive:

Good question, normally there is a customer service and you can talk with them if he refuse to pay extra, but let’s face it… If you’ll do this you taking the risk that he will rate you 1 star and give you bad feedback.

It happened to me once and this client " ruin" my monitor on Fiverr…
If you have 1,000 feedback than 1 bad is nothing, if you have 10 feedback than 1 bad is meaningful.