Buyer keeps returning for modification without saying why


I have recently had a buyer order four gigs relating to four parts of a single document. However, when I tried to deliver the first order, it came back for modification almost straight away with a message saying it was ‘awesome so far’, even though I had fulfilled the requirements of that first gig. I tried again, asking if anything was wrong, with the same almost immediate bounce back with the same message. I’m concerned that this person is going to get me to do all the work in this gig and then cancel the others. What can I do?


This is a tricky situation. I would try sending an honest message to your customer stating your concerns in a very professional manner. Just let them know that you are pleased that they are happy so far, but feel like you are being sent a mixed message since they are clicking the “request modification” button.

Sometimes customers don’t understand what the “request modification” button does. Maybe the feel they should keep clicking it until the entire order is complete?

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Reply to @jais5678: I did that, and got a reply that was slightly different: ‘Thanks. Perfect so far!’ yet still with the request for modification.


I’d tell them that since that portion of the project is finished, to please complete the gig. They may be doing that so that you will do all of the parts before they complete any of them.


I agree with the others. It seems like your buyer doesn’t quite understand. Be very direct and keep things simple. “I’m glad you’re happy with the work so far. Please mark this portion as “complete” [briefly explain how] so that I can begin the next gig for you.”


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Inching. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

My suggestion is to restrict the scope of your offerings. Do no leave anything open ended. Frankly, I do not think anyone on Fiverr should be offering ANY modifications to a $5 deliverable unless a clear error was made on the Sellers behalf.

If you are talking about your gig,, I would CLEARLY add into the description: No modifications. No revisions. I will deliver excellent work the first time around. If you’d like me to work further, please ____ ____ ____ (*reorder, add a gig extra, etc)

I think people are doing themselves, other Sellers and Buyers a disservice by offering rounds of free revisions and modifications for $5, $10 or even $20. The idea should be that you offer a great service that includes a single, non-negotiable deliverable. If they want MORE, then you should clearly setup the terms of your Gigs in such a way where they have to ORDER more.

Just my 2 cents…



I had a buyer order 7 gigs. I only delivered when I had completed the entire work so that If there is any change it will only be in 1 gig as I attached same files in all the gigs.(It was one big job) Also I told the buyer that this is how I will deliver.

I have not been asked for modifications so can’t tell you about that butis it possible for you to close all the gigs and then let the buyer comment.

adorablenames said: I do not think anyone on Fiverr should be offering ANY modifications to a $5 deliverable unless a clear error was made on the Sellers behalf.

I agree 100%! Unfortunately there will always be sellers who have loads of free time, or who can otherwise afford to spend insane amounts of time on a single gig order. There's no way of explaining/convincing other sellers that they are devaluing the work of everyone by being in a situation where they can afford to undercut their competition. That's been an issue with 'freelance' creative all along, and it's even worse in an international, micro-job forum like Fiverr.


Make them listen… let them know about Fiverr’s policy.

“Continued false rejections will remove this feature from your account, and may get your account restricted from other benefits.” Refer to:

If they keep abusing the rejection system you can report them for misbehavior and abuse of this system. That should get them talking! :wink: