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Buyer kept the order in revision because he will need a few days before he can check my work

The buyer is busy so he will take, say about a week or more until he checks and accepts the order. I don’t have any issue with that but will Fiverr take this negatively since my work is delaying? That big red ##Late## banner makes it intimidating.

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no problem order complete 3 days auto

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i think i used the wrong wording here, he put it in revision, so the order won’t be completed

Just contact CS and thell them the buyer is making revisions with no reason. I had the same issue, and it hurt my stats like hell.

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i thought of that, but seems harsh since he requested to wait in chat, on top of that, I heard CS is notorious to side with buyers almost all the time.

Requesting revisions with no reason to do so is a violation of TOS. The buyer came here for your services, and you are not on their time. They must accept the work now, or have the order cancelled. Don’t put up with it.

okay, thanks, I’ll try to talk it out.

Thanks for the extensive discussion mates.