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Buyer knows my personal info.How come?


So, I got this order today from buyers request and all of a sudden I was so surprised that the buyer mention my personal name. The thing is that I prefer simply being known as Dawudsky for all my business activities and even when I play games. Dawudsky was a nickname given to me by my friends during my college days and I have come to love it over the years. So guys, how do you think the buyer could possibly know my personal informations which is not stated on the site? any tips?


strange really :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Same here, I was really suprised.


I tried Googling your username, and got a bunch of results with something that looks like a real name (I’m guessing yours). It took me about 15 seconds to do it.


Did you ask the buyer how he knew your name?


Wow! Nice tip here. I tried it and I was surprised too. Thanks.


Nope, I wanted to find out by myself instead of asking him directly.


I was curious to see what happens when i goggle my name “j6nyc6”. Surprisingly enough there is an article on how to find the perfect songwriter. Fiverr was mention as well as myself personally. Weird as heck if you ask me.