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Buyer leave a review but i don't want to visible the review on my profile?

i have completed an order very professionally with buyer requirements. When the order is completed then buyer is not fully satisfied in my job. i gave him many revision but still buyer is not fully satisfied.

Now i deliver the order and buyer accept the order but i think buyer will leave a bad review. so i don’t want to visible the review on my profile. if i reply the buyer feedback then the review will be visible on my profile.

Now my question is: if i don’t reply buyer feedback then review will be visible on my profile ?
Thank You Everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes if you don’t post a review yourself, then in 10 days the buyer’s review will be automatically posted to your profile, regardless.

And then you will have 4 days I think to reply to the review. (Which is different than leaving a review).


Thank you for your reply! is there anyway to hide the buyer bad review ?

Of course not, that would negate the entire point of a review system.


This is adorable. :slight_smile: No one wants bad reviews to be visible. Just review it already and see for yourself, there is no point in dragging it out for 10 days.


There may be a point - if you are working on multiple orders, you can wait the 10 days to get other (good) reviews in the meanwhile to bury it lol. But that’s way above this guy’s pay grade, obviously.