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Buyer leave negative feedback without checking the files

i got negative feedback.i was did all of the work according to buyer requiremnt
he did not check and leave me bad review what should i need to do now?

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how did you know the buyer didn’t check your files ?

because he write in the feedback incomplete work

could you please help me

Fiverr changed their evaluation policy about one year ago.
can inform to fiverr cs if they reopen the resolution. i don’t think they will do.
if you have a lucky chance and you prove that the buyer placed the review mistakenly and now the buyer is interested to change his evaluation !
Note a point, Requesting or influencing a buyers to change his feedback is prohibited. Can get a warning too if you do that.
i am sorry to hear your bad experience.


Thank you so much for your help

could you please help me what should i need to write cs?

and what i asked to buyer.

and what i asked to buyer.

write your buyer first to check your final delivery.
then write politely the buyer, you evaluated me before checking the final delivery. mention there, you delivered it by time. as he thought you failed to deliver it by time.
if he expose his regret and ask you how to change it then you can take some screenshots of the conversation in order to send to CS

ok sir thank you so much for your help

Hello brother, I’m sorry to say this and trust me I’m not a hater but considering if I was working for fiver and had received your complain that contained that type of English or punctuation I would not be worried about the review in fact I would be thinking if you even belong here

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