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Buyer leave review , i reply review but it doesn't showing

Hi everyone ,

I am new in fiverr , After completing my first order in fiverr . My buyer give me a 5 star and a good review .

I reply to my buyer’s review (Thanks a lot , hope we will do more work again and again )

But in my profile and gig , my reply is not showing .

Will it take 2-3 days to submit my reply ?

Or i should try again and again >

Thanks in advance . Have a good day .

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Same thing is happening to me! I can’t seem my reply!

Hey @mad_mahfuz I tried looking for your profile to see if I might be able to see it on your gig but your account doesn’t show up for me. Have you looked at the gig where the review is written? Because when you look at your profile, you will only see the reviews (aka without your response). But when you look at the reviewed gig, your response should be there…

This doesn’t seem like a good approach. I would just contact Fiverr’s customer service about it!

@ivanmesquita997 I looked at your account and I could see your reply, so you have nothing to worry about :slight_smile: