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Buyer leaves an unjust 1 star review

First of all, I know, I should just forget about it and move on. But this side of the forum is called the ranting pot for a reason, so here’s my rant:

Yesterday I delivered an order were a buyer requested an animation based on one of my old works. I completed this animation successfully and I checked it on discord(a messaging app) as I do with all my works to check if it’s perfect. It was good so I delivered it. Today I woke up with a 1 star review claiming that “it wasn’t the right size for discord”, two things, it was the right size for discord and he had two revisions, didn’t even use one, if he had a problem, I could’ve easily fixed this. I got 2 stars for communication and I believe that this part is more unjust, I updated him on the order constantly(see attached screenshots). I also got no feedback from him at all, didn’t even send me one message except the order requirements.

That’s my rant, thanks for reading


Maybe before delivery confirm what the size in pixels of the animation will be/what size they want it. Or maybe you do already (it says an icon size in the premium package description but not the other 2 though) and also in the delivery you could say you could change it. Maybe in on of your updates you could show a screenshot of how it looks on a discord server if that would help.


Good suggestions, thanks!


Based on your side of the story, I would also feel cheated by your buyer. Their behaviour was wrong and damaging to your account. You have my sympathy.


Stay strong, it’s a shame what buyer did…


Oh, I had a buyer like this as well.

Assumed it’d be cool to make me watch a full length feature film in French in lieu of a brief, assumed I’d come to the same conclusions he had in mind when making that film, then slapped me with 2* because the end result was so terribly bad no revisions could save it.

I left the buyer 5* because I thought the lack of revisions meant he was blown away and I like to make people happy. :slight_smile:

The * for communication were pretty ironic in my case as well. But I suppose 1-something rating is a good way to punish you while at the same time acknowledging that the product was delivered and is technically usable.

So sorry about the situation. In your case, I think, you got someone who didn’t know revisions were even a thing. That’s the only way I can explain the situation.


We all get buyers like this time to time and we have to learn our mistake and move on maybe you can add sizing part in the description so it will give each buyer to understand what you are providing.

Move on & good luck :sunny:

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Hope you’ve blocked the buyer. Ignorant/clueless buyers can be just as harmful as intentionally malicious/predatory buyers. That’s why if I get an order from a completely brand new buyer, I feel a bit of trepidation since they very likely do not fully realize the Fiverr process, and that can lead to unfortunate issues.


I wonder if maybe in the future you can send like a proof with a watermark just to make sure they like it and if they approve it then maybe send it? Idk but man. That’s super frustrating for sure!

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That’s what i’m thinking as well, but in the delivery message , I tell them that if they have any problems, they can request a revision…so I don’t know to be honest.