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Buyer leaves me 5 stars but it shows a 4.3, Customer Support misunderstands


I have a repeat client who left me 5 stars. But as it happens often it only shows as 4.3
She tried to change it to 5 stars but couldn’t.

I told customer support and gave them screenshots of our conversation and here it the response I got:

Sheana | Team Lead (Fiverr Customer Support)
Nov 30, 11:42 PM IST


Thank you for contacting us about this. Unfortunately, we cannot remove the feedback on this order for you. When a buyer leaves feedback, they are not just rating your delivery, they are rating their experience with you as a seller. We take our buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously.

If you would like to formally request that the buyer modify their feedback on this order, you can use the Resolve Now button at the top of your order page to send the buyer a feedback

modification request.

To do this, please click on the “Resolve Now” button at the top of your order page.
Select the following issue: "I have an issue with the feedback I received from the buyer"
Then select the following solution: "Ask the buyer to modify their feedback"
On the following page, type a message to your buyer, and click “Submit”

Please note that your option to request a feedback modification is limited to once per order.

Did I not make my problem clear to them?

Buyer unable to mark order as complete and leave review

This is the image I sent to customer support.

This buyer sent me a message that it showed 4.3 stars after she left 5 stars and then tried to change it but was unable to.
Is this what I’m going to be dealing with? This is a recurring problem when someone uses the app apparently, that 5 stars only shows as 4.3 stars.


When a buyer leaves feedback, they are not just rating your delivery, they are rating their experience with you as a seller. We take our buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously.

If others are experiencing this problem beware of what is going to happen.
Whenever someone leaves 5 stars it can only show as 4.3 stars and it apparently cannot be corrected. Fiverr needs to fix this.


Was it my not-so-favorite agent? I’d wait a few hours and write back requesting a second opinion, drag up the TOS that shows that with the buyers (etc blah) permission it’s fine.

Still though, bloody annoying. I just decide to let them fly. I have one on my profile right now that is obviously an error (she’s already reordered) but the review makes up for it. FIX YER SHIT FIVERR


It’s a bug! She left 5 stars but it shows up as less than 5-- I think it’s the app that it happens on. It happens once a week to me. They try to leave 5 but can’t and now can’t even go back and correct it. And since it happens once a week, and we can have our account blocked by using the feedback resolution thing, it’s kind of grim. She can’t even change it herself.

This is a major problem.


…and CS can’t really do much since they’re just the help jockeys. Well, there’s always Bruce’s new thread, which will be judged by Fiverr people. Presumably.


Can you get the buyer (ugh, I know, I know) to start the resolution process to change Fiverr’s mess? It shifts the “blame” of you, but of course… what a shit ask after a job has been complete and it’s Fiverr’s mistake.

I’d complain to Bruce, since he’s going to be close to people who can actually make a difference. Whether he does or not, that thread could be seen. I’d target that for complaints.


This buyer is so nice to take this up with customer support!
This time Bob answered.
What concerns me is that this bug happens about once a week to me.
Here is what Bob wrote:

Dear misscrystal,
carriesilk left you a message in your inbox:

" Bob Bob (Fiverr Customer Support) Nov 30, 9:28 PM EST Hi there, Thank you for contacting us about this. So that you can update your feedback, please reach out to the seller, and ask them to use the Resolve Now button at the top of their order page to send you a feedback modification request. The seller’s feedback modification request will appear as a dispute on your order page. Please click the “Accept” button in the dispute box to accept the seller’s request. You will then be able to edit your feedback. For more information, please review our [Feedback and Ratings)( article. We’re here if you need anything or have any further questions. Bob | Fiverr Customer Support Please review our Fiverr Online Safety Tips Fiverr Customer Support "


Well, at least Sheana and Bob agree on the technical way how to resolve the issue then.
But that´s really more than annoying, especially if it happens weekly, I´d hate to waste a buyer’s time with asking them to take it up with CS. Well, everyone would hate it, I suppose.
If they can´t get that bug fixed in their app, they should take the review option out of the app completely until they can get it fixed, and instead put a popup! :wink: ‘please use the desktop site to review your awesomely awesome seller with a 5-star-review!’ :wink:
Really sucks, I´m glad all my buyers who left a review so far either used the desktop site or didn´t accidentally hit the wrong spot on the app.


I just had this problem this week (though it was 4.7, rather than 4.3). My buyer reached out to Customer Support and got it all resolved, though how is a mystery to me. I’m glad to know it’s a bug on the app – I might state in my delivery message something like “There have been bugs with rating sellers on the app; if you have time, please rate me via the desktop” or something.

I’d love transparency and properly functioning tools. Less work for CS and Fiverr if things ran smoothly. When I started here in May, I don’t remember a lot of this happening; seems very much to be a recent thing. I’m sure more long-standing persons have a different perspective, though.


If I use the feedback resolution process each time this happens will my account be banned?
I’m scared to use it.

I hope someone from fiverr reads this and can help with this serious problem.


You might find the bottom of this post interesting, as it relates to your issue.


I was just told by customer support there is no bug on this order in spite of me sending screenshots of the buyer saying she tried to leave 5 stars but it only showed as 4.3.

Sheana | Team Lead (Fiverr Customer Support)
Dec 1, 1:27 AM IST

There’s is no bug on this order, it appears that the buyer did not give you all 5 stars on the 3 questions. We will not be able to remove the feedback as mentioned, you are welcome to request the buyer to change the feedback as mentioned.

The buyer is the one requesting to change it, not me, because she did put all 5 stars but the site did not record it that way.


Gio came to the rescue and removed the feedback and the buyer left the 5 stars!

Gio | Team Lead Today at 10:17

I removed the feedback, please inform your buyer to leave the new feedback.

Thank you Gio if you read this!


I had a customer who said they were using their app on their phone. They also meant to leave 5-stars but shows up as 4.3.
This is a bug on Fiverr’s end that must be fixed.


customer support,not so supportive.


I had a client who wanted to leave 5-stars and have sent them the feedback modification request. I will let you know how it goes.


Hey Crystal!
Just an update with the feedback modify request - I had a generous buyer who wanted to leave 5 stars.
I went through the Resolve Now button and clicked the button to modify their feedback.
They accepted the request, and changed it to 5 stars. Very easy and fast!


Why does it say my post is currently under review I didn’t do anything wrong :frowning:


The same thing recently happened to me. A repeat buyer left me a five-star review stating “Not enough stars”…to explain how much she loved my work and it shows 4.3. Obviously, she selected 5-stars as to the reason why she said there weren’t enough stars to rate me. LOL. Plus she gave me a great tip!

I want it gone it’s so ugly looking when I know it wasn’t meant to be there. :slight_smile: