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Buyer leaves me 5 stars but it shows a 4.3, Customer Support misunderstands


So you mean that the 4.3’s I’ve been getting lately are all a fluke? :frowning: That makes a lot more sense because I’d get a really great review and didn’t understand why it wasn’t 5 stars (especially if it was a repeat buyer). In the notification on my phone, it said the buyers would leave 4.7s, but alas they show up as 4.3. What gives?


When I am the buyer and I get my order while I’m using Chrome for Kindle (Android browser but not app) I have to wait to review it until I get to a PC. It doesn’t exactly mis-record but close enough. When I go to select the stars, if I’m even barely off the exact center of the 5th star, it will reduce that selection to a 4 star. Once it does that, it won’t let me change it. So, even if I select 5 on the other 2 sections, the seller gets a 4.something.

I found that I could either close the tab as soon as it gets “stuck” on the 4th star and then it doesn’t record the review until I get to PC. Once it happened 3 or 4 times, I stopped reviewing from mobile browsers. This might be what happens to you. IMO it’s a problem whether they call it a legit bug or not. I think it should have a message that recommends reviewing from desktop, as @myskillsforsale suggested. Unfortunately most of the volunteers on Fiverr don’t get much “ear time” with staff.


It happened to me,but instead 4.3 it’s 3 stars…

The buyer wanted to leave me 5 stars,but she say me that Fiverr doesn’t let it to leave me 5 stars even she try and try some times…


I’m sure that’s happened to me many times :frowning:


Wow, Some times Fiverr customer support disable both accounts when you have both decided to amend the review


?They do? What do you mean?


Well then, this makes sense. I’ve been getting a few 4.3s and 4.7s despite good in chat conversations and deliveries without modifications and I get so puzzled. Fiverr needs to fix this!


Thanks for the artical, this was happen to my account also , not now not things to change the review because the new rule of feedback removal policy…


I urge you all when this happens to contact the buyer and ask if anything was wrong that made him/her leave you less than 5 stars.

If they say they tried to leave 5 stars then contact customer support and tell them and send a screenshot to them of the buyers message saying they tried to leave 5 stars.

(You should all be familiar with how to take a quick screenshot!)

I have contacted them about this before the change of review policy about this and one time since then but it will keep happening unless everyone lets customer service know about it.


And that’s why we should just go back to the thumbs up and down system, hollaa


Fiverr CS never seems to read your tickets thoroughly. It’s as if they are programed to send a can message based on a few keywords in a message without reading it entirely. The time I have spent trying to explain a problem again and again is frustrating – I thought screen shots, videos, etc would help but it doesn’t. The time I spend explaining a problem to CS, I could of completed a gig. Oh well, life goes on. Glad you got it worked out. Fiverr CS needs to spend more time reading the forum so they know what’s going on.


I hear ya.
This problem in particular should be at the very top of the list to be fixed.


A little empathy goes a long way in CS. After all, it’s not just sellers who have to provide CS to buyers but even Fiverr has to provide CS to sellers as we generate 20% revenue for them. Scripted responses are a big turnoff for me. At least listen to my problem and try to comprehend, dude!

Glad it worked out well for you.


Had the same experience last week!


It is awful! We work hard for those 5 stars, we achieve them, and the buyer gives them but the site
takes them away-- or the app does, in spite of everything.

And almost no way to fix it when it happens.


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Thank you for this information.

There is a message if this is used too much you can have your account banned.

I don’t want to use anything that will make that happen so there needs to be a fix.


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Just had this happen to me as well, friendly buyer left 5 stars but shows up as 4.7. Needs to be fixed!