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Buyer Left 1 Star Review

I sell generic and tailor made fitness training programs on Fiverr. I had a buyer this morning purchase a program. We talked through his goals and what he was after and I provided him with the program that best suited him. I gave him different options and he chose the one that best suited him. After delivering the work, he left me with all 1 star reviews, despite the fact that I delivered in less than 3 hours and also provided him with many different options. He left this review with the comment “nice quality” which doesn’t really make sense.

After looking through his profile somewhat I discovered from his bio that he is also a coach offering a similar service to me. Perhaps he purposefully did this to harm my gig?

I only have a few reviews (6) and although all of the others are 5 star, this one has really harmed my average. I contacted CS regarding the issue but in hindsight after reading this forum I’m not sure if that was the right thing to do.

Any thoughts? Thanks


If you think it was a competitor and if you think what they did was against the TOS you could say that to CS.

The TOS says:

Users with the intention to defame competing Sellers by ordering from competing services will have their reviews removed or further account status related actions determined by review by our Trust & Safety team.

Thanks. I contacted CS and came to a suitable conclusion.

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Very sorry to hear this that you faced with