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Buyer left $10 tip, but only 4.7 stars

I recently had a buyer write a really nice and detailed review and he even left a $10 tip on what was originally a $35 order. However didn’t give the full 5 stars. I know I shouldn’t really complain about this, and I am happy for the tip, but doesn’t it seem weird that he liked it enough for a tip, but not 5 stars?

Have any of you had similar experiences?

Edit: Buyer has confirmed that he gave the 4.7 stars by mistake, he meant to give 5 stars.


Kind of! I had a buyer leave me a tip and NO review!

I’ll take it! :+1: :blush:

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Not weird at all. 4.7 is perfectly respectable and easily done if the buyer chooses 4/5 for even just one of the options. When were you last 100% satisfied with something? You still tip your bartender even if the bar was loud and the drink wasn’t great, right?

It only feels low because you’re required to have 4.8 over 30 days to keep a level.


Buyers didnt understand that the 5* review is much more important to us that tip. :grin:

And that’s probably a good thing. Because reviews are supposed to be honest, not done for the sake of helping the seller out.

If people want five-star reviews, they can earn them.

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I still tip my server when I have a less than stellar experience, albeit less than when they blow me away. It’s not that weird to me.

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Yeah, I know that 4.7 isn’t too bad. I come from a country where bartenders are actually paid by their employers and tips aren’t expected or commonly given, maybe that is why I feel like tipping is only something you would do if the service was absolutely perfect and then some.

That being said you do have to admit that it is a little weird that this buyer is among my worst 2.6% of reviews while also being top 1% in amount tipped (more than 99% of my customers leave no tip at all).