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Buyer left 3 Star Review, Then a $10 Tip


I thought that my fellow sellers would enjoy my recent experience with a buyer…

Customer is a repeat buyer, asking for voice over work. Customer has always tried to press the “do more work than it’s worth thing”, but not too hard so I’ve just done the extra 50 words when they ask.

Customer submits their order (8th total overall). Delivery time is set at 3 days. I message buyer thanking/ confirming order. I have some down time and record the project. I deliver the finished project 2 hours after the order started (3 day delivery time).

Wake up this morning. Buyer left a 3 star review. “Good as always”. So I’m confused. I notice the customer sent me a few messages. They say “Awesome work! Thank you so much! I’ll send you another script monday”. Second message “Also, I left a 3 star review because your gig is $5 too expensive”. 30 seconds later, “Buyer has left you a $10 tip”.

SMH. You see something new everyday kids…


Truly amazing. "Your service is too expensive…but here’s a tip :smiley: "


Yikes, that’s weird.

I’m not surprised tho, 'cause people do the strangest things.

I would’ve replied back and asked. How much should it cost $1? Holla, holla. :hushed:



I have no words - just wow!


Lol Thats something you don’t see everytime…
May be ask the buyer why left tip if too expensive? And how much was he thinking?


That’s the magic question


I love when people decide the price.
Had a guy today who wanted a small text proofread within a few hours.
He said that he had researched it and that it should cost $5-8 not the $35 extra fast delivery it should be.
Sent him a lovely custom offer for $20 (as it was shortish) and then I tripped over the tumbleweed that followed.


There should be some kind of narcissist penal colony established for people like this.


Recently someone, in the same message, told me that their boyfriend did indeed come back, after being a ghost for two months, but she thinks she over paid.


You mean the GF expected her BF to be resurrected from the dead or had simply ‘ghosted’ her on social media and failed to fall back in love?

Either way that’s a bit mental. Love/Heartbreak does make you do funny things though. I debated for weeks leaving my ex financially stranded in South East Asia and possibly arrested. Finally, though, I realized that no one in South East Asia has ever done me any harm and it wouldn’t really be very nice to impose her on them, even in a prison context.

Ahhh… the crazy days.


I received the exact same message, haha.


What I hear, “Run Logan, RUN!!!”


Maybe she measured the worth of the gig in weight and her boyfriend has lost some in the meantime, lol.


He’s not worth the money maybe.


maybe the buyer felt guilty for being cheap and added the tip…??


maybe that the buyer accidentally pressed 3 stars because he was doing everything fast :running_man::racing_car: xD


Nope. It wasn’t a mistake. He tried to justify his rating.


That is SO crazy! Are you going to do his next job on Monday?


LOL! Fingers crossed there is no order Monday. Coincidentally, I have raised my prices $5 since then.

Now I’m $10 Too expensive.


maybe you can message this person to let her know about the price change before she places an order???
When I raised my prices a few years ago, I send a heads-up messages to some of my regular buyers. I’m guessing that won’d be counted as spam…