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Buyer Left 5 Star Review, received order then cancelled

Customer cancelled the order AFTER the website was delivered. I completed the website, but missed a training session because my car broke down in another state. I tried to reschedule. She left a 5 star review. She accepted the order, marked it complete. Then cancelled.

My work was stolen.

I was told when I joined Fiverr Pro that my fee was guaranteed if I completed the order. Has this changed?


Contact with coustmer support they will help. I also have this issue last time. I complete my 250$ order and after getting 5 star review, after 16 days my order automatically refund and also my cancellation rate decrease. I think it happen when anyone use hack credit card or paypal.


Could be a paypal charge back. Does buyer have an active account or has it been banned?

If you delivered the job correctly then yes it will be given back to you. And since she left a 5 star review then that is proof you did it correctly. You can ask customer support about it if you need to.

You may see in your earnings that the money was given back to you.


If you explain the case to Fiverr, they will refund. Happened many times to me and each time I was refunded. Good luck!


If you complete the job as per the client’s requirement . Then, you complain to customer support . Hopefully, they will refund money . Best of luck

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The issue was resolved and I was compensated for the order. Thank you all for the info and support.


contact support your info is somewhat unclear and the cancel reasons

I was hoping it get’s solved soon
again thanks for sharing the update

Same just happened to me, the buyer just cancelled the order, left a feed back of 5 stars… now has MY money for MY work back…

Did you contact support?