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Buyer left a 3.5 star - what to do?


A buyer just gave me 3.5 stars for formatting of an Excel work … I did his work… According to me,I made it look good…
During the process I even I updated him and shown the work samples so that If he doesn’t likes the colors etc then can inform me… But he didn’t reply anything…
When I delivered the work he just gave me 3.5 stars without asking for a modification or letting me know what I missed…

Although I’ve sent him an offer to modify it for free but he not even replied of that…

What you guys do in these situations? Should I let it go?


You should get use to situations like this,the rating can not be changed.
I had a buyer (one of my latest reviews) that posted me 1 star almost a month after i delivered his work,which very shocking for me.So you cant satisfy everybody keep that in mind.




if you cancel the order and he gets a refund doesn’t the review go away? or has this changed now?


Well I would be happy to refund if he gets his rating back… But I don’t he will do that r not…