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Buyer Left a 4 star review even when he was clearly satisfied


So, I got this new buyer yesterday that placed an order on my Gig. After reading the instructions, I told him that I would begin his order immediately. As usual, I ran a background check on his profile and I discovered he is a new buyer in the system. Only two revisions was made and he appeared very satisfied by marking the order as complete immediately. Now, he left a 4 star review. I’m still trying to figure out why. This is a sad thing for me .


This will happen randomly and happened to me as well many times. Anyway we cannot force our clients to do a 5 star review and 4 is not at all bad


4 stars is ok :slight_smile: wait till you get 1 star when he’s clearly satisfied


I was a bit disappointed because I was hoping to maintain my five star till I atleast get my level 1 seller badge. It’s so sad that some buyers doesn’t even know the effect of their rating on sellers.


Don’t try to figure out :wink: he left 4 stars and that’s it. It’s stoll a good review.
I just had 2 people leaving 4 stars when they were clearly satisfied. But for some peaople 4 stars is when you did a good job and 5 stars when you did something extraordinary that they didn’t expect.
Just move on and don’t try to ask them why they did it, it might get you in trouble with CS


My buyer was satisfied with work. He was onetime buyer. gave me 3 star. When I asked him he told, " I have no Idea about review". after of this, I am not getting any order by this gig.


4 star is not bad not everyone is perfect it represent that you’re still human all 5 star reviews can sometimes be considered as fake


No, you can’t ask for a feedback anymore. We heard a lot of stories here that people were getting TOS warnings just reaching out to client after the order was complete and just even mentioning word “review”


@mariashtelle1 I think I agree with you. When I saw the review, I wanted to contact him right away but I refrain from doing that because I don’t want to get into more trouble. I think I will just try to move on anyway.Thanks.


Yes, you are in the right way I think. Consider 4 STARS positive and try to become more perfect would be wiser. Good luck mate!


Anywhere else, 4 stars would be a good review and you wouldn’t need to worry about it.

New buyers (or even old buyers who simply don’t think about those things) may not be aware that anything less than 5 stars counts as bad on Fiverr, but if you try to educate them, it can be seen as trying to manipulate your buyer or make them feel guilty about the rating they gave you.