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Buyer left a negative review and asked for cancelation - what should I do

Guy bought a gig from me and didn’t even bothered to read gig’s text. After I delivered he said he wanted something else, even though in my Gig is very clear what a buyer will get.

What should I do? After he left a negative review I offered cancelation of order. If he agrees will the negative review be erased?

Little correction, he first left a negative review, then asked for cancelation.

Thx. What if I ask Fiverr support to erase the review?

You should learn from the experience. This is called Fiverr for a reason. I see too many sellers where their headline states “I will do … for $5” and then you read their text and they want you to contact them for a quote on the “real” price. That’s not how it works. You are offering to do something for $5. You have to do it for $5, not expect buyer to read your text and be willing to pay more. When you advertise a service on Fiverr for $5, the buy has NO requirement to contact you ahead of time and negotiate a different fee.

NO, NO, NO. He does not get his cake and eat too. If he wants to leave a negative review, than keep the product as is. I would only agree to a mutual cancellation if he removed the negative review. Once he removed it, I would initiate the mutual cancellation so he can’t leave another negative review otherwise you will have to live with it and Fiverr CS will not remove it. THINK!

Steve, that’s exactly what he did. He left a negative review and asked for cancelation. After I have offered cancelation, he agreed to it, but still left a negative. So I aborted cancelation, and will probably contact Fiverr stuff about this.


He removed negative review and asked for refund.